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The worst place I've been taken on a date


Monday, June 19, 2017


IT is a great feeling when you are asked out by someone you really like. Dating is the first interactive step for most couples, therefore much effort is put into making the date memorable, especially when you hope it will develop into something else. But there are some dating experiences that end in disappointment when the location chosen isn't up to par. What's the worst place you've been taken on a date?

Lisa, secretary:

A patty shop. He called and offered to take me to lunch. I was so upset when he took me to buy patties. It didn't have to be a fancy place — any nice little restaurant would have been OK, but... a patty shop?


Keisha, sales representative:

He took me to a club where his ex-girlfriend works. He was all over her, and even waited to give her a ride home. He dropped me off first, and only God knows what they did after that. I ignored his calls afterwards.


Chelsea, law student:

Once when I had the flu, this guy said he wanted to cheer me up, so he offered to take me out. After driving to the supermarket — yes, the supermarket — with his friend who wanted to make some purchases, he tried to proposition me while we waited. When I said no, he waited until his friend was finished, then dropped me off in Papine. Note that he had picked me up in Tavern earlier. His excuse was that he had something to do. Still suffering from the effects of the flu, I took my time and crawled back down the hill to my yard. He had the audacity after that incident to ask if I could be with him.


Michelle, businesswoman:

Some years ago I met a man who was handsome and quite accomplished. But on our only date he would not shut up about his ex. The place he took me to was apparently their favourite spot while they were together. He went on and on about the good times they had there. I told him to get counselling and delete my number.


Tiffany, teacher:

I knew this man for years before he asked me out. I was really excited to go on a date with him. But imagine my disappointment when the 'surprise' turned out to be a family dinner. It was our first date, and he took me to a family dinner! I felt as if his mother was interviewing me for the position of trophy wife.