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When a relationship fails, it can be so easy to slide back to the familiarity of it because it was once seen as a comfortable place. It can be extremely risky to retreat to a past relationship, however, as what once was, can possibly be aggrandized by your imagination. Below some women share why they kept the communication open to an ex while in a new relationship, and what happened as a result.


I was simply neglected by my man and my ex would call and check on me all the time. My man always claimed to be at work and I simply didn't believe he was. I felt like I was competing for his attention and my ex was giving me plenty so I took it. Although I knew it was wrong, at the time it felt good until one night my ex and I met up and something sort of happened, but not really. He threatened that he was going to let my man know what happened. He did, and that relationship ended, so we started seeing each other until he started to do the same things I would complain to him about. He then told me to take whatever he was doing because I was enduring it before.


I think it is best to burn bridges because it never works out. That man will use the same information you came crying to him about and cuss you out with it should you go back to him. I learnt my lesson in 2016 when I decided to restart things with my ex and everything I cried to him about that my present man did, he used the information and classed me down to nothing and disrespected me. Ladies, save your integrity, your character and your time by avoiding your exes at all costs – it is simply not worth the stress. Move on with your life.


I was in an abusive relationship with my ex, but we share three children so we would still communicate after we broke up. My man at the time started to abuse me and I would cry to my ex about it and I ended up getting intimate with my ex. My man found out and we broke off that relationship. I thought my ex was changed based on the conversations we would have, until one day I made a comment that upset him and the same abuse came back at me. Speaking from experience, I think it is wise to burn bridges and it is also wise to not communicate with exes even when children are involved. Text him about the children, but avoid any other conversation. It's a trap.


I was always home alone for the most part and my ex was present for me to talk to, so we talked. That happened until he started begging me to leave my current relationship and started sending explicit photos he had of me to my current man and started drama. I am now single but I learnt some valuable lessons from the experience.

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