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Give the 11 million people 'status'

Thursday, August 22, 2019

Dear Editor,

I wish to preface this by saying that I am not a politician or a political analyst; I am just a simple layman.

We are told that there are 11 million undocumented people in the United States.

I can't wrap my head around why common sense cannot be employed or prevailed upon politicians from the Democratic or Republican parties to give the undocumented individuals some kind of status that would allow them to work legally and pay taxes.

Common sense also tells me that if this suggestion were adopted it would cause the Treasury to exponentially increase collections from taxes, drivers' licence fees, immigration fees, and other fees.

And, what is more catastrophic is the fact that many of them have children born in the US, and therefore have legal rights as citizens in the US, but not in the countries in which their parents were born.

To me, it would make more sense economically, culturally, 'humanly', and otherwise to keep them in the US than to spend billions to catch and repatriate them.

This writer wishes to respectfully submit that the illegal immigrants are already living and working in the US, so why disrupt or rock the boat in which they are already sailing?

A question: Do the taxpayers of the US foot the big bill of billions of dollars to send them back home?

I would like to humbly ask the president to consider the devastating effect of deporting those 11,000,000 people economically, culturally, socially, and financially to my country of birth, Barbados, and all the other countries across the globe.


Pastor Courtney Selman

Former Barbados fast bowler