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Cable & Wireless Communications Stages Competition to Encourage More Girls in ICT

Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Cable & Wireless Communications (C&W), parent company of Flow and BTC, in the Caribbean, has launched a video essay competition for female students, aged 12 - 15 years old, across the region.  Participants are asked to submit a 2 - 3minute video on the topic: “Why is it important for girls/women to pursue a career in ICT?

The ICT space continues to rapidly evolve, opening up a plethora of career opportunities, yet there are still concerns about the low representation of females in the sector. 

“Globally, the percentage of females following a course of study in STEM education remains low. As we champion greater inclusion and diversity in the workplace, we are mindful of the need for more balance and female representation in our industry,” said Inge Smidts, CEO of C&W, a leading communications and entertainment provider and one of the largest employers of ICT, engineering and other technical workers in the region.

In recent weeks, Flow Jamaica has showcased several of its female staff members who are leading in the area of ICT in the communications and entertainment firm. The female employees have also been involved in sharing their expertise in ICT with some of the nation's young women.  

“We are proud of the work that our women in ICT are accomplishing in our business. Some of them are at the forefront of the technologies being utilised to maintain connectivity to our communities and enabling access for our people to essential services. More women are, however, needed to occupy ICT positions in our business, and we will be doing our part to ensure that girls and young women who have an interest in the sector are encouraged,” shared Stephen Price, Country Manager at Flow and C&W Business.

The deadline for applications is Tuesday, May 25. For more information on the video competition, interested parties may visit: