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Loshusan increases its presence in Portmore market

Business reporter

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

By mid-2019, residents of Portmore, St Catherine, should have their shopping experience improved with the addition of the Loshusan-owned Sunshine Outlet Mall.

It's the second project that the Loshusans have undertaken in Braeton, Portmore following the opening of Sovereign Village Portmore in 2017 which came in at a price tag of roughly $1.4 billion.

The company has begun work on the Sunshine Outlet Mall under its company Coronet Holdings Ltd, which is set to lease 19 retail shops in addition to four shop spaces to St Catherine newcomer Palace Amusement Company.

Sunshine Outlet Mall covers 106,391 square feet or 2.44 acres of space, 38,000 square feet of which will be occupied by the building. The development was originally scheduled to be completed in November in anticipation of the festive season, but plans have been pushed back to accommodate infrastructure development of Palace Amusement's movie theatre.

The entire complex is now 70 per cent complete.

“The inclusion of Palace Amusement really adds to Portmore [since] people really don't have to come into Kingston anymore,” Leighton Hamilton of LHA Architects told the Jamaica Observer.

According to Hamilton, the building complements the adjacent Sovereign Village Portmore, with its strong materials, textures and colours, juxtaposed with one another to create a minimalistic style of architecture.

Aside from Palace Amusement, Coronet Holdings have confirmed tenants from the restaurant, ice cream and pastry, clothing, shoes and hair supply industries. The company is also expecting convenience store Woolworth to come onboard.

While unclear on the numbers, Coronet Holdings believes that the development will allow for further employment of residents of Portmore.

A single storey with double- loaded corridors, Sunshine Outlet Mall offers two main entrances to the building. The complex, which is pedestrian-s friendly, also includes ample sidewalks, play area and a space earmarked for a café.

“The building is designed to be as green as possible, and we have provisions on the roof slab for solar panels dependent for the tenant,” Hamilton told the Business Observer.

“The Portmore Municipal Council has gone out of their way to move the project forward. They are very accommodating and have the same vision for the community,” he added.