The reality of the Holness Administration — Part 1

We are approaching the end of another calendar year and then in another two months from the end of the year we would have completed four full years of the Andrew Holness-led Government. It is, therefore, good time to evaluate the performance of the Government, given the additional fact... Read More

The Buju Banton phenomenon
December 7, 2019 will mark the first anniversary of the return of Buju Banton to his home, Jamaica, and to the welcoming arms of his overjoyed fans globally. Buju's return to “yaad” from that crucial period of exile stands as an important moment in Jamaica's musical and...... Read More

Government must shed timidity in fighting violent criminality
No Government of Jamaica will readily admit that we are a nation in crisis, yet, by any definition, Jamaica is at a serious tipping point, especially where violent murders are concerned. No big city in North America and Europe would tolerate a situation in which over 1,000 of its citizens are...... Read More

Brand Jamaica is like a leaky bucket
Prime Minister Andrew Holness is committing to monetise Brand Jamaica. Said he: “We always hear talk about Brand Jamaica but we do not monetise it. And so we are going to put some money behind it to truly own Brand Jamaica and ensure that when you hear about Brand...... Read More

Jamaica's need: More Samaritans, not more mere Christians

Clinton Chisholm | Tuesday, December, 3 2019    

The late world-renowned New Testament textual critic Bruce Metzger, in one of his early books, did an interesting analysis of the biblical Samaritan parable. Metzger focused on the main actors apart from the hapless victim and suggested the mottos suggested from their behaviour with reference to... Read More

Pressure buss pipe…

By Kristen Gyles | Tuesday, December, 3 2019    

 The over-pressured pipe that burst in the Pembroke Hall High School classroom recently was simply one of many. Nothing new. Read More

Answering the call, Patrick Bailey

Fayval Willams | Tuesday, December, 3 2019    

I welcome the comments of Patrick Bailey in the article titled 'Hold the phone there, Minister', as published in the Jamaica Observer , on Monday, November 18, 2019 in response to my statement in the House of Representatives on Tuesday, November 12,... Read More

PM's diplomatic table tennis game encouraging

Godfrey Lothian | Monday, December, 2 2019    

We were delighted to see the Andrew Holness, prime minister of Jamaica, display his table tennis skills in Shanghai, on November 5, during his official visit to China. Read More

The right approach to tackling the HIV epidemic

Monday, December, 2 2019    

Sunday , December 1, 2019, was commemorated as World AIDS Day under the theme 'Ending the HIV epidemic: Community by community'. This theme has set the world on a mission that many believe is more aspirational than realistic because of our collective failure to treat the... Read More

Policing the boundaries of propriety

Clyde McKenzie | Monday, December, 2 2019    

The colourful coda to a recent valedictory address at a tertiary Jamaican institution for the arts has brought the important issues of language, identity, and propriety sharply into focus. It would seem that at the heart of this emotional debate is the question of where do we install the... Read More

Gambling for resurrection

GARFIELD HIGGINS | Sunday, December, 1 2019    

The river is never so high that the eyes of a fish are covered. — Yoruba proverb, Nigeria  Read More

A conference big on optics ...but lacking in substance

Canute Thompson | Sunday, December, 1 2019    

A political party's annual conference, like the annual general meeting of a company, is expected to involve a frank and factual assessment of performance over the last year and to outline a specific set of actions for the coming year(s) in keeping with the party's philosophy and mandate. Read More

Term limits for PMs ...unlikely and maybe unnecessary

Sir Ronald SANDERS | Sunday, December, 1 2019    

A debate has now started in parts of the Caribbean about whether there should be term limits for prime ministers. The debate arises from the view that longevity in office leads to abuse and to the suppression of challengers, both within political parties specifically, and the political... Read More

You don't get your own truth, PM

HOWARD GREGORY | Sunday, December, 1 2019    

Jamaica has been blessed with a democratic system of governance of which we can be truly proud. It has been characterised by a smooth transition in governance from the introduction of universal adult suffrage. Our electoral system has evolved to become the envy of many nations, and... Read More

The others among us

BY JASON McKAY | Sunday, December, 1 2019    

Historically , creating a designated title for a particular group that is treated as 'others' has resulted in dire consequences. The reason is that the group referred to by the definition becomes an outcast to the rest of society and is often blamed for the condition of... Read More


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