It takes more than just more difficult mathematics courses!

The widespread dissatisfaction with the teaching of mathematics has been an issue since the 1960s. A review of the New Deal Policy that has been established in 1966 advocates for a change in the teaching of mathematics from the rote, didactic, traditional pedagogy to constructivist methods of... Read More

The business of funding tertiary education
Across the world, higher education is facing unprecedented challenges in the definition of its purpose, role, organisation, and scope in society and the economy. The information and communication technology revolution, the emergence of the knowledge economy, the turbulence of the economy and...... Read More

The 'perfect storm' to propel reparation
The recent crisis for the Windrush generation coming to a head during last week's Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting created a perfect storm to propel the movement for reparation for the horrors of the transatlantic slave trade. It roused the consciousness of the Caribbean Diaspora...... Read More

Our ignorance of the
A few nights ago one of our television stations posed a question about the Empire Windrush story. The outcome was a show of ignorance on an important aspect of Jamaica's history. But the respondents are victims of a system based on false pretences. The issue is important and certainly...... Read More

Banks misusing credit reports

BY JAVID BROWN | Monday, April, 23 2018    

 I have long felt that commercial banks in Jamaica have operated like dons — not caring too much about the general well-being of their clients, but instead putting on a front as though their operations revolve around said clients. Read More

Media's double standard: Ferguson vs Tufton

Canute Thompson | Sunday, April, 22 2018    

There is a species of unfairness that is part of the culture of public discourse in Jamaica, and it manifests itself in how those who question the Government of the day are treated. When one party is in power, those who ask questions are labelled as hacks and 'bad-minded', but when similar... Read More

True Independence: Now or when?

Al Miller | Sunday, April, 22 2018    

Independence isn't doing your own thing; it's doing the right thing on your own.— Kim John Payne  Read More

What really is the Opposition PNP fighting to achieve?

Garfield Higgins | Sunday, April, 22 2018    

When you show the moon to a child it sees only your finger. — Zambian proverb  Read More

The unfinished business of constitutional reform

BRUCE GOLDING | Sunday, April, 22 2018    

Twenty -three years ago, the then PNP Government and JLP Opposition signed off on a number of constitutional reform measures. This came after many years of discussion and advocacy leading to the establishment in 1992 of the Constitutional Commission, chaired initially by... Read More

Operation PRIDE, the PNP and Holness's 20,000 titles

BY PAUL BUCHANAN | Sunday, April, 22 2018    

By now the People's National Party (PNP) should realise that Andrew Holness cannot be underestimated. He is a cross between Mother Teresa and Machiavelli. Read More

Jamaica's biggest secret

EDWARD SEAGA | Sunday, April, 22 2018    

I spent last weekend in Montego Bay. I had not been there for years and yearned to see some of the developments now taking place. I was not disappointed, but sadly, the time was short. Montego Bay is like a second home to me. I spent three of my pre-teen years there and I recall them... Read More

Have we begun the journey back to the 1980s?

BY SHALMAN SCOTT | Sunday, April, 22 2018    

NO greater similarity exists between Jamaica's fiscal and monetary management in the 1980s under Prime Minister Edward Seaga and now under his protégé Prime Minster Andrew Holness than now. Read More

Welcome World Bank advice for a change

Sir Ronald Sanders | Sunday, April, 22 2018    

Attending a World Bank meeting on April 16, 2018 I was shocked to hear a senior official of the organisation say that, in addressing fiscal deficits, Latin American and Caribbean countries should not make “shock adjustments”. Read More

Uncomfortable truths: Do we really care?

Franklin Johnston | Friday, April, 20 2018    

Hillel is a school for 'white' kids, attended by black kids; it's a good school. A recent ninth grade test question was shocking, fact-based, but provocative: “During the practice of Atlantic Slave Trade, enslaved people had no rights whatsoever; blacks were often... Read More

Past, present and future: Windrush, C'wealth Games, The Ward

Barbara Gloudon | Friday, April, 20 2018    

Nobody can beat us w hen it comes to spreading news, getting news or fixing news. The hot news this week comes from the Commonwealth Heads of Government meeting currently being held in London. The meeting title, abbreviated to CHOGUM, is not to be... Read More


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