Tell the PNP: Old ways bring back old problems!

One does not get angry with one's head and therefore use one's cap to cover one's buttocks. — Yoruba proverb, Nigeria Read More

The case against considering Michael Manley for national hero
In a recent article I advocated for the naming of Edward Seaga as a national hero. I also pleaded that the country should not, in an effort to appease, give similar consideration to Michael Manley by falsely equating what he did to the great accomplishments of Edward Seaga. I said that...... Read More

Caricom cannot abandon Haiti
Haiti is in turmoil again. This time the countries of the Caribbean Community (Caricom) cannot be criticised for inaction, but questions must be asked about others in the hemispheric community who have been silent about the political and humanitarian situation in the...... Read More

Name the gangsters and publish their pictures
The murder of British black teenager Stephen Lawrence in April 1993 by five white racist teenagers represents several things in the history of modern England.... Read More

Legislative slothfulness

By The Laird | Sunday, October, 20 2019    

Just about six or so weeks ago, there was an item of news that set me off on a prolonged path of musing. There was the now usual brouhaha between Government-aided secondary schools which charge a fee to the parents of students, however denominated or styled, and the... Read More

Commonwealth sounds alarm as the world sleepwalks to another debt crisis

Patricia Scotland | Friday, October, 18 2019    

Trade wars, protectionism, and nationalist rhetoric are combining to weave the possibility of a nightmare debt crisis that could be worse than any previously experienced. Global borrowing is now at the highest levels since the 1950s – and history suggests we... Read More

Our successes can help to bring about change

Barbara Gloudon | Friday, October, 18 2019    

DURING the past two weeks all eyes have been focused on the ongoing drama involving the former Minister of Education Ruel Reid and happenings at Caribbean Maritime University. The interest over the politics and politicians seems to have overshadowed the homecoming of some of our athletes... Read More

Use drones responsibly

Hodine Williams | Thursday, October, 17 2019    

For Alice Mutimiutagye, the word drone may forever be etched in her memory. It was a 25lb battery-powered drone that saved the life of this 23-year-old woman who lived in Nyange, a small, remote village west of the Rwandan capital. Having suffered a sudden haemorrhage during labour and... Read More

Jamaica's growing culture of mendicancy

Thursday, October, 17 2019    

I came to Kingston first by train and then by bus in the mid-1980s to attend Durham College on Camp Road and met my first set of professional mendicants. These were different from the resident mentally ill man and woman — Foster and Vie — who were a part of my childhood... Read More

Miss Lou's fantastic memory box

Lance Neita | Wednesday, October, 16 2019    

Louise “Miss Lou” Bennett-Coverley is timeless. Hence, the anniversary of her birth being celebrated over three months. “What a joyful news, Miss Matty,” Louise would likely say if approached about such a party. And so it should be, a timeless... Read More

If impeachment comes to the US Senate — 5 questions answered

Wednesday, October, 16 2019    

If the US House of Representatives concludes its impeachment inquiry by passing articles of impeachment of President Donald Trump, attention will turn to the Senate. Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, a Kentucky Republican, is known as a master of the Senate's rules, and... Read More

It's the citizens who must protect their right to know

Raulston Nembhard | Tuesday, October, 15 2019    

The Government has backtracked on its unfortunate resolution to Parliament to extend the time that the public can access Cabinet documents from 20 to 70 years. I do not know what the members of the Cabinet might have been smoking to have deliberated and finally decided that this was the right... Read More

A litmus test on social intervention programmes in Jamaica

HORACE CHANG | Tuesday, October, 15 2019    

During the Violence Prevention Symposium held in Montego Bay on September 26, I contested the much-touted success of social intervention programmes in St James. This has sparked a timely and welcomed public debate around the issue of how social intervention programmes have been designed and... Read More

Jessie's spirit of mercy endures

Jean Lowrie-Chin | Monday, October, 14 2019    

It is always wonderful to be with your schoolmates — except, of course, Aggrey Irons who continues to this day his practice from Alpha Prep of pulling my hair! Of course, I am joking; so proud of Aggrey, my mischievous classmate who is now a renowned... Read More

This 'partnership of equals' concept needs serious examination

By Elizabeth Morgan | Monday, October, 14 2019    

Changes are coming to the European Union (EU) with its new commission. I indicated in previous articles that the EU would be moving from the donor and recipient relationship to partnerships of equals. Read More


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