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Serving our people and our heritage

Thousands of Jamaican women carry the name of Pamela McNeil in their hearts. This unsung heroine, who passed away on February 6, was the founder and first director of the Women's Centre of Jamaica Foundation (WCJF). In her 1998 report, 20 years after the founding of the WCJF, McNeil... Read More

Note to self: Jah 9
Open your eyes, look within. Are you satisfied with the life you're living? — Bob Marley ... Read More

PNP's 'Duh Road' bus lost on the old road
You don't use your teeth to share what you don't eat. — Yoruba proverb, Nigeria ... Read More

No, Mr Chairman!
It is important that we understand as we go into the silly season that it is not the data protection Act that gives us the right to privacy. Our right to privacy is guaranteed by our Charter of Fundamental Rights and Freedoms by virtue of being human beings living in Jamaica. The Data...... Read More

Moral pollution and the moral revolution

LOUIS MOYSTON | Sunday, February, 16 2020    

The issue of corruption is not a modern behaviour in Jamaica; it is rooted in the history from slavery through colonialism to the present. In fact, one of the major problems in Jamaica during the 1865 period was political corruption. There were cases of blatant corrupt... Read More

My way... or the highway

Lance Neita | Sunday, February, 16 2020    

The north-south leg of Highway 2000 from Mammee Bay to Mandela has rapidly become commonplace for those who use that route on a regular base. The corridor opened up vistas of beautiful Jamaica spread across pastures green, orange groves, and, as we near the end, a glimpse of the city... Read More

Hypocrisy unmasked at the OAS

Sir Ronald sanders | Sunday, February, 16 2020    

If candidates were to get a prize for making the best case for why they are best suited to be secretary general of the Organization of American States (OAS), Marķa Fernanda Espinosa would have easily walked away with it when the three contenders for the post appeared... Read More

Climate change and the paper tower of human civilisation

BY Isidoros Karderinis | Sunday, February, 16 2020    

Climate change, that is the change of the global climate, and in particular the changes in meteorological conditions that extend on a large timescale, is a major global existential threat. Read More

Putting a stop to domestic violence

Therese Turner-Jones | Sunday, February, 16 2020    

Although Jamaican women are well-represented in Government, business, sports and other positions of high social value, many of them still feel physically unsafe. The brutal murders of women in recent times at the hands of their partners have sparked public outcry and... Read More

Overcoming the hurdles in public sector transformation

Danny Roberts | Sunday, February, 16 2020    

A recent experience at the Constant Spring tax office tells me that we are still a long way off from achieving the goals of public sector transformation. Mind you, great strides have been made over the last four to five years, not of course to gainsay the fact that some significant... Read More

Modify the Gun Court Act

Jason McKay | Sunday, February, 16 2020    

In England, the sentence for illegal possession of a firearm is a maximum of 10 years. This is a country with an average annual murder rate of 1.5 per 100,000. Read More

No love lost this Valentine's Day

Barbara Gloudon | Friday, February, 14 2020    

The season of lovey-dovey is upon us. As you read this the streets are filled with vendors hoping to “eat a food” from the sale of items in the customary red and white. Artificial and real roses, teddy bears, gift baskets, and inches of lace masquerading as undergarments will... Read More

Music fuelling crime

BY MARLANDO FRANCIS | Friday, February, 14 2020    

I recently watched an interview done by Winford Williams on his television programme On Stage. In this episode he visited Buju Banton's studio and discussed many issues, including the state of the music industry. It was an interesting discussion and, quite frankly, the best interaction... Read More

What is the colour of love?

Donna P Hope | Thursday, February, 13 2020    

Even as I think through the various activities that are jam-packed inside of this February, the line from Billy Ocean's popular song — What is the colour of love? — keeps coming back to me. Read More

Uncertain days for America with Trump acquittal

Raulston Nembhard | Thursday, February, 13 2020    

So, the Republican Party in the US Senate, as expected, circled the wagons around President Donald Trump and acquitted him of the charges for impeachment brought by the House. They did this by blocking any witness or documentary evidence that could have made their task of acquitting the... Read More


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