Don't be dismissive of JTA president's concerns

BY MARK MALABVER | Tuesday, August, 28 2018    

At the 54th annual conference of the JTA, newly installed President Dr Garth Anderson opined that the education system was not yet ready for the Primary Exit Profile (PEP) examination, and that it was destined for failure. Read More

Forward to the past

BY THE LAIRD | Tuesday, August, 28 2018    

In the Friday, August 17, 2018 edition of The Gleaner, the following was reported on a speech given by the Minister of Education Senator Ruel Reid: Read More

Teacher licensing a good start

BY SHAWNA KAY WILLIAMS-PINNOCK | Tuesday, August, 28 2018    

Recently , the Jamaica Teaching Council (JTC) announced its mission to have our nation's teachers licensed. This, according to the council, is an important means of “professionalising teaching”, and ensuring teacher accountability and... Read More

Jamaica on the cusp of success, but everyone needs to contribute

Michael Lee-Chin | Monday, August, 27 2018    

I graduated from Excelsior in 1969 and was fortunate to have gotten a job because Jamaica had growth of 5.41 per cent. Read More

Unspeakable attacks on our children

Jean Lowrie-Chin | Monday, August, 27 2018    

I had been trying to find the time to read a recent report on the prevention of violence against Jamaican women and children, but on Saturday I had to make the time. I had to make the time because of the recent horrific murders of 13-year-old Shanoya Wray and 14-year-old Yetanya... Read More

A new kind of political maturity

Garfield Higgins | Sunday, August, 26 2018    

Even if you dance in the water, your enemies will accuse you of causing dust. — Zambian Proverb.  Read More

The teaching profession a beacon of hope and inspiration for the nation The teaching profession a beacon of

Dr Garth Anderson | Sunday, August, 26 2018    

An edited version of Jamaica Teachers' Association (JTA) President Dr Garth Anderson's inauguration address at the JTA's 54th Annual Conference last week at Hilton Rose Hall Beach Resort and Spa in Montego Bay.  Read More

Getting your child ready for back-to-school

Karla Hylton | Sunday, August, 26 2018    

It's back-to-school time and many parents are feeling flustered and apprehensive at this time. Certainly, transitioning from the lazy days of summer to the routine of back-to-school can be challenging. Read More

Fixing governance for a better Jamaica

Peter Phillips | Sunday, August, 26 2018    

Recent developments in the performance of Jamaica's public sector indicate that there are major gaps in our governance structure that have to be addressed if the system is to become less prone to abuse and manipulation. Read More

Factors that influenced the American Revolution and its impact on Jamaica

SHALMAN SCOTT | Sunday, August, 26 2018    

It was not only events in England that influenced the course of Jamaica's history during the period of British colonialism, but also events in its far-flung corners, not the least of which was the American War of Independence (1775-1783). Read More

A doggone serious discussion

Barbara Gloudon | Friday, August, 24 2018    

The tragic, sorrowful news of a gentleman who lost his life when he was attacked by dogs in his community has brought up the question of dogs and their ownership. This kind of argument has come up from time to time and this occasion it centres on whether dangerous dog breeds (rottweilers... Read More

Three observations

Friday, August, 24 2018    

I address three matters of current affairs and history today. Read More

Public toilets matter! Woe unto him that leaks on a wall

Friday, August, 24 2018    

The dearth of public toilets should concern us as a tourism nation with many poor people. It is the grace of sunshine that we don't have more diseases. Western society does not evacuate body waste in public, but in Jamaica men urinate and more at will. Read More

With Cohen plea, GOP faces familiar Trump quandary

Thursday, August, 23 2018    

WASHINGTON, DC, United States (AP) — Moments after Donald Trump's former personal attorney implicated the president of the United States in a felony, Senator John Cornyn declared “People who do bad things, who break the law need to be held... Read More

Venezuela's 'desperate' currency devaluation

BY Benjamin J Cohen University of California, Santa Barbara | Thursday, August, 23 2018    

Venezuela recently announced one of the most dramatic currency reforms in history in a move that essentially devalues the bolivar by about 95 per cent. Read More


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