Church's mission to increase, cure

Michael Burke | Thursday, August, 16 2018    

The Roman Catholic Archbishop of Kingston Kenneth Richards celebrates 60 years of his birth today. Apart from giving thanks to God for his life so far, turning 60 means that he has another 15 years to send in his resignation to the pope. True, the pope can always extend his tenure if he... Read More

The RGD made no vow to the Church

Raulston Nembhard | Wednesday, August, 15 2018    

A furore seems to be developing between sections of the Church and the Registrar General's Department (RGD) in the payment of fees to be a marriage officer in Jamaica. A bishop of the Anglican Church has had his marriage register “confiscated”. Even the Diocesan Bishop Rev Dr Howard... Read More

Let not misinterpretation and extrapolation lead us astray on abortion

Phillipa Davies | Wednesday, August, 15 2018    

Mesdames Alyssa Nebel (Canada) and Linnette Vassell's (Jamaica) comments on July 10, 2018 have in fact affirmed the Jamaica Coalition for a Healthy Society's (JCHS) position (July 2, 2018) that no international instrument mandates countries to legalise abortion, nor is Jamaica under any national... Read More

Do something, Prime Minister!

BY MAURICE CHRISTIE | Wednesday, August, 15 2018    

The Jamaican dollar is on a downward spiral. Never in our history has Jamaica seen its currency depreciate so rapidly. Are we heading for the situation that was Spain's lot in 1991-1992, or are we descending into the chaos that is currently haunting Turkey? Read More

Good governance training for ministers a welcome suggestion

BY SHALOM GREY | Tuesday, August, 14 2018    

It is not uncommon for ministers, newly minted and those with previous ministerial experience, to undergo training in certain areas to aid their governance capabilities. In fact, there are many institutions worldwide that offer good governance training to officials in... Read More

Devaluation, inflation, and the hedge insurance

Canute Thompson | Monday, August, 13 2018    

Over the past four weeks the country has been fed with what I regard as a diet of confusing information about the devaluation of the Jamaican dollar, inflation, and the price of fuel. There have been charges and countercharges about misinformation, but in the meantime... Read More

The black struggle for emancipation

Monday, August, 13 2018    

Jamaica's Emancipation rebellion of August 1, 1831 was a major event in the continuous slave rebellions in which our black ancestors fought continuously to regain their stolen freedom. That day, some 20,000 slaves attacked 200 plantations. It wasn't until sometime in 1832 that Britain... Read More

Dogged determination and admitting failure

Sunday, August, 12 2018    

You must act as if it is impossible to fail. — Ashanti proverb Read More

Quo vadis, Petrojam?

William “Bill” Saunders | Sunday, August, 12 2018    

Acquisition of the Esso Kingston refinery in 1982 by the Petroleum Corporation of Jamaica (PCJ) was approved by the Government on the conditions that: Read More

Barbados, Dominica and Ross: Debating the wrong issue

Sir Ronald Sanders | Sunday, August, 12 2018    

The debate, particularly on social media, following the decision by Ross University School of Medicine to relocate from Dominica to Barbados is about the wrong issue. Read More


Sunday, August, 12 2018    

With the speed of an oil slick talk about Petrojam remains on the track of topical discussions. Sticking to The Agenda this week, former group managing director of the Petroleum Corporation of Jamaica between 1979 and 1989 Bill Saunders says the structure put in place when he served as the first... Read More

Are we tackling the right problems? — Part 2

Al Miller | Sunday, August, 12 2018    

When solving problems, dig at the roots instead of just hacking at the leaves. — Anthony J D'Angelo  Read More

Jamaicanising Jamaican culture (Part 1)

Edward Seaga | Sunday, August, 12 2018    

If independence was to be truly meaningful to Jamaicans, it would have to be through the encounters of daily life, ensuring a more sustainable flow of national pride. Read More

Clearing the smoke on ganja

Christopher Tufton | Sunday, August, 12 2018    

With the recent launch of a number of Medicanja products, ganja is once again making news headlines and rightly so. It is an opportune time for a national discussion on the subject, as Jamaica looks to make a name for itself in the medicinal ganja market. Read More

The Jamaican dollar in perspective


There has been much opinion and discussion in light of the recent depreciation of the Jamaican currency, much of which has been anecdotal, emotional and sometimes confusing. Read More


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