Sunday Brew — January 13, 2019

Sunday, January, 13 2019    

 Dr Phillips, the boat is unsteady The Opposition People's National Party is a shadow of itself, 80 years after its formation. Read More

Confession, insanity, denial and the Chucky Brown saga

BY JASON McKAY | Sunday, January, 13 2019    

Ada JoAnn Taylor of Nebraska, United States, gave a confession that resulted in her conviction for the murder of Helena Wilson in 1985. After being sentenced to 40 years, it was found through DNA testing that she had lied and she was released. Read More

Jamaica's conflicted relationship with Venezuela

Bruce Golding | Sunday, January, 13 2019    

IN recent times, Jamaica has wrestled with being conflicted in its position toward Venezuela. Our relations with that country go back more than 200 years when the liberator Simon Bolivar took refuge in Kingston from where he penned the famous Carte de Jamaica that laid out his vision for... Read More

We need a Ministry of Schools

Franklin Johnston | Friday, January, 11 2019    

Seventy years ago we had self-government, a department of education, schools did well, and hope was born. Independence came and the conflict of education vs bread was finally won, so schools grew and hope grew. Read More

Crime, patience and mosquitoes

Barbara Gloudon | Friday, January, 11 2019    

CRIME and punishment is a serious matter all over the world. How each country deals with handling the law can be very interesting. Law officials deal with what goes in to court and what comes out based on how they view their society and what they want from it. Read More

Let Heroes' Park breathe life into downtown

BY DAVID ABRIKIAN | Thursday, January, 10 2019    

In recent times, both the prime minister and the Urban Development Corporation have referred to the King George VI Memorial Park Act of 1956, as well as documents from the 1950s, to provide rationales for locating the new parliament building within National Heroes... Read More

History of 'scandal bags' in Jamaica

Michael Burke | Thursday, January, 10 2019    

As we all know by this, a ban on certain sizes of plastic bags, commonly known as scandal bags, came into effect on New Year's Day 2019. The idea behind the ban is a very good one, but the manner of implementation, whether good or bad, is debatable. However, it is true... Read More

2019 will be a year of political upheaval and economic uncertainty in America

Raulston Nembhard | Wednesday, January, 9 2019    

As we enter 2019 there are dark clouds that are gathering on the horizons that indicate political and economic storms with which the United States may have to contend in 2019. One makes this observation not with a view to be alarmist, or worse to be a prophet of doom. But there is a prophetic... Read More

Ja's trade performance in 2018: A widening trade deficit

BY Elizabeth Morgan | Wednesday, January, 9 2019    

  Read More

The 'mother of all compromises' for SOE extension

Tuesday, January, 8 2019    

IT is a regrettable development to see the Government and the Opposition at war over the matter of crime in Jamaica today. The only agreement existing between the two sides is that there is a serious crime problem affecting the country and that there is an urgent need to address the... Read More

A bag a scandal

Warrick Lattibeaudiere | Tuesday, January, 8 2019    

The Jamaica Observer of Saturday, December 29, 2018 carried one of several articles in the nation's newspapers that have fuelled a debate which has led to elevating the lowly plastic bag to levels of national importance or non-importance, given the restriction that has taken effect effective... Read More

Clear the path ahead to a new Jamaica

Al Miller | Monday, January, 7 2019    

Build it! Build it! Clear a way! Remove all the obstacles out of the way of my people! — Isaiah 57:14  Read More

'Passion, purpose and laser-like focus' for 2019

Monday, January, 7 2019    

I am sharing this message from my friend Claudia Gordon: “Happy New Year!! I'm stepping into 2019 armed with passion, purpose, and laser-like focus. My promise to myself is to starve distractions and feed focus... to continually ask myself if what I am doing today is getting me... Read More

House wars in the House

Lance Neita | Sunday, January, 6 2019    

The political season started off with some cass-cass on the first day of the year when we saw darts being thrown at each side by Government and Opposition regarding the proposed meeting between Prime Minister Andrew Holness and Leader of the Opposition Dr Peter Phillips over crime and national... Read More

The signs of these changing times

Garfield Higgins | Sunday, January, 6 2019    

For a lizard to bask in the sun it must have a cave in view. — Shona proverb, Zimbabwe  Read More


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