Breathing while being female is dangerous in Jamaica

BY MARVETTE CAMILLE | Monday, September, 10 2018    

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'One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind'

Lance Neita | Sunday, September, 9 2018    

Readers have responded to last week's column on the intricacies of space, some asking what about Jamaica. Naturally, if it is outer, or inner, Jamaicans have to be involved. The USA is in the lead in the race to discover, for example, what, if any, alien life exists in outer space. But Jamaicans... Read More

The dreaded four horsemen of the apocalypse did not ride

Garfield Higgins | Sunday, September, 9 2018    

Do not let the goat you might carry on your shoulder play in the mud. — A Mende Proverb/Sierra Leone  Read More

Stepping forward with PEP

Canute Thompson | Sunday, September, 9 2018    

The Government's implementation of the New Standards Curriculum (NSC) has been met with mixed reactions. Under the NSC, students moving from the primary level are placed in secondary schools using the Primary Exit Profile (PEP) assessment, which replaces the Grade Six... Read More

Fun activities and prizes do not the engaged employee make — Part 2

with Debra Fraser | Sunday, September, 9 2018    

In last month's issue, we identified that: “The average person would rather have a great boss looking out for them than prizes, trinkets and parties”. Improving productivity is directly linked to employees' engagement with… their boss! So, if you are a... Read More

Leak hunting: The US president and his insider critics

Lurie Kellman | Sunday, September, 9 2018    

WASHINGTON, DC, United States (AP) — President Donald Trump is vowing to root out the leakers who contributed to the White House insider accounts that contend some on his team question his judgement, competence and even rationality. Read More

Revivalism: A response by Jamaican slaves to 'dead' English worship

by Shalman Scott | Sunday, September, 9 2018    

The system of European slavery generally, and English slavery in Jamaica particularly, was not only an economic imperative to make England “great again”. Read More

Of plots and coups in Central Kingston

Paul Buchanan | Sunday, September, 9 2018    

In a world where 34-year-old Facebook founder Mark Zuckergerg's net worth of US$73.1 billion is approximately four times Jamaica's 2017 GDP of US$14.77 billion, a Gleaner writer enthusiastically accommodates the desperate rantings of a very small clique determined to undermine the... Read More

The black must be discharged

Sir Ronald Sanders | Sunday, September, 9 2018    

Racism was the bedrock of European colonialism in the Caribbean. The subjugation, oppression and exploitation of African people as 'sub-human' were justified by colonial powers based on race and colour. Read More

Times changing in the school yard

Barbara Gloudon | Friday, September, 7 2018    

BENG-GEH-LENG… BENG-GEH-LENG… Is school time again! How many recognise the school bell? Some don't know that sound… Schools have a new one now. The hand-held iron bell of past times has given way to a smoother sounding, push-button, electronic version. Read More

Should obeah be decriminalised?

LLOYD B Smith | Friday, September, 7 2018    

In the wake of the decriminalisation of some usages of ganja (cannabis sativa) and the acceptance of it by the powers that be in the Rastafarian religion as a sacrament, one would have thought that the practice of obeah would have been given a similar treatment by our... Read More

Will State universities 'dun' us for cash and depart for greener pastures?

Franklin Johnston | Friday, September, 7 2018    

Jamaica has four universities in some 100 degree-granting bodies, and media featured the triumphs and travails of regional-funded UWI (“UWI gone global” Gleaner , 3/9.2018) and our national Uni (“Funding UTech”,... Read More

Values, attitudes and the truth

Michael Burke | Thursday, September, 6 2018    

So schools have re-opened. Is anything being done to change the mindset of students away from the moral crisis in our nation? Is anything positive being done to teach students how to get to the truth? Read More

Locks, culture and an independent nation

Alando Terrelonge | Thursday, September, 6 2018    

As we commence the new school term, I pause to reflect on recent discussions concerning the discrimination of a young Jamaican girl with dreadlocks at a primary school in St Catherine, who was reportedly told by the principal that she would not be allowed to attend school in September... Read More

How will Google's innovation continue beyond its 20th year?

BY GARY MARCHIONINI University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill | Wednesday, September, 5 2018    

As millions of people came online in the late 1990s they needed help figuring out what each webpage was about, and how to find what they were looking for. Web indexes and search engines sprang up. When Google was founded in September 1998, it had to... Read More




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