House wars in the House

Lance Neita | Sunday, January, 6 2019    

The political season started off with some cass-cass on the first day of the year when we saw darts being thrown at each side by Government and Opposition regarding the proposed meeting between Prime Minister Andrew Holness and Leader of the Opposition Dr Peter Phillips over crime and national... Read More

The signs of these changing times

Garfield Higgins | Sunday, January, 6 2019    

For a lizard to bask in the sun it must have a cave in view. — Shona proverb, Zimbabwe  Read More

Andrew Holness and the destruction of trust

Canute Thompson | Sunday, January, 6 2019    

IT is impossible to keep pace with Prime Minister Andrew Holness's breakneck pace of creating news worthy of worry and analysis. Journalists and analysts in the United States of America face the same challenge with President Donald Trump. In any given day there could be five or six different... Read More

Guyana must carefully manage its constitutional crisis

Bruce Golding | Sunday, January, 6 2019    

From a distance, Guyana has seemed poised for an era of unprecedented development and prosperity. Since 2015 it has confirmed 10 offshore oil wells capable of generating over 750,000 barrels per day. New wells are being discovered every few months and the technical data... Read More

Make decisions to save lives

BY JASON McKAY | Sunday, January, 6 2019    

Pretending that a reality does not exist because it should not exist does not mean it ceases to exist.I say this in relation to the country's security dilemma and the recent decision to end the states of emergency. Read More

The culture of violence and the state of emergency

BY BASIL WILSON | Sunday, January, 6 2019    

The Jamaican people begin the year 2019 with some gratification that there was a decline in homicides of approximately 20 per cent in 2018 when compared with 2017. Read More

Top minister of 2018

with HG Helps | Sunday, January, 6 2019    

Many will say that with the tourism sector performing as it is, that the title of best performing minister should go to Ed Bartlett. While Ed has done his job, tourism has been on the upswing for several years, and it is good the minister has managed to hold things tight and build on the... Read More

Ja's economy — comparative advantage and economies of scale

Franklin Johnston | Friday, January, 4 2019    

Happy New Year! So let's refresh our minds of the mission of this generation and allow Cabinet to say what it expects to achieve to this end and what we can do to help. The fathers of Independence set us the task to prosper Jamaica; our serial Cabinets never repudiated it, but never... Read More

Less of one scandal after another

Barbara Gloudon | Friday, January, 4 2019    

Okay, okay, 2018 has come to a close. What a year it was! There were many ups and downs. Some of the changes came so fast we could hardly catch our breath. We started 2019 with rough weather for some parts of the island as our environment warned us that we should not treat it carelessly. Read More

Milestones in 2019

Michael Burke | Thursday, January, 3 2019    

Happy New Year!Jamaica has some very interesting milestones this year. To begin with, it will be 525 years since Christopher Columbus arrived in Jamaica on May 3, 1494 somewhere on the coastline of modern-day St Ann, but the exact spot we still do not know. Read More

Guyana's tumultuous start to 2019

By Elizabeth Morgan | Thursday, January, 3 2019    

  Read More

Beware of guests who come for sun, sea, sand and to sue

Henley Morgan | Wednesday, January, 2 2019    

As a young man I returned to Jamaica from the United States, where I had worked for a major brewing company, to head the packaging quality control department of a well-established bottling operation. Indelibly etched in my memory is one of the first problems I was... Read More

Make 2019 a year for new beginnings

Raulston Nembhard | Wednesday, January, 2 2019    

Every new year dawns with a sense of optimism that things will be better than the one which preceded it. It is just that important part of human nature which desires something better, something far more relevant and enduring than hitherto existed. Read More

Human Rights in Jamaica: A view on Vision 2030

BY Mario Chrstie | Wednesday, January, 2 2019    

  Read More

A new Jamaica is emerging

Andrew Holness | Tuesday, January, 1 2019    

This is the new day that the Lord has made and we who have been spared to see it, rejoice and are glad in it for we stand on the threshold of new possibilities and opportunities.As a country, we were able to accomplish much in 2018: Read More


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