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Reparation: Magical dreams and uncertain destiny

CHRISTOPHER BURNS | Sunday, May, 17 2020    

History is for arguing. Despite the rhetorical brilliance of some of the arguments put forward in favour of reparation by prominent scholars, researchers and legal luminaries, such as the late Professor Barry Chevannes, Professor Verene Shepherd, Sir Hilary Beckles, Bert Samuels, and... Read More

Best news in a long time

AKSHAI MANSINGH | Sunday, May, 17 2020    

The last few months have been filled with stories of gloom and disappointment, particularly so in sport. Reading a Jamaica Observer news article about two of the most exciting young batsmen in the West Indies — Nicholas Pooran and Brandon King — wanting to play Test Cricket... Read More

Attacking Bruce Golding doesn't change Guyana elections mess

Sir Ronald Sanders | Sunday, May, 17 2020    

In the wake of a report to the Permanent Council of the Organization of American States (OAS) on the Guyana general elections of March 2, 2020, the head of the Electoral Mission (EOM) former Jamaica Prime Minister Bruce Golding has been accused of being “exceptionally... Read More

Lessons from COVID-19

HOWARD GREGORY | Sunday, May, 17 2020    

Since the onset of the 2019 coronavirus pandemic we have heard repeated reference to that dictum: “A crisis is a terrible thing to waste.” It is clearly a perspective which should inform the way in which individuals engage such experiences to lead to proactive outcomes. Read More

We may well need Granny's remedy

James Moss-Solomon | Sunday, May, 17 2020    

Across the world, most countries are subject to varying natural disasters that are life-threatening and usually of high probabilities, bearing in mind their geological conditions and climate. Many of these are clearly defined and even explained in insurance... Read More

Crime, poverty and an indifferent society

Jason McKay | Sunday, May, 17 2020    

I was recently searching the squatter settlement on the train line in Gregory Park for a wanted man; one more time, for one more man, for one more murder — a drill I have done a thousand times. Read More

Women, pregnancy and COVID-19 disease

BY DR ERNEST MADU & DR PAUL EDWARDS | Sunday, May, 17 2020    

In recent times there has been a heightened interest in COVID-19 in women, particularly pregnant women. There is also a lot of concern among pregnant women and those with young infants about possible infection and transmission of the infection to their unborn babies or to their young... Read More

Planning for the hurricane season amid COVID-19

Dr Barbara Carby | Friday, May, 15 2020    

The start of the May rains reminds us that the threat of floods and, shortly, the hurricane season, must now start to occupy the minds of the region's disaster risk management apparatus. This may seem daunting in the face of the novel coronavirus pandemic which is... Read More

A tale of two Jamaicas

Basil Waite | Thursday, May, 14 2020    

What a time to be alive! Someday, someone will write about these times and it will be most appropriate to hark back to the words of Charles Dickens in describing these times, because, indeed: “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the... Read More

Madness from the BOJ

James Moss Solomon | Wednesday, May, 13 2020    

Friday, April 24, 2020 was a very disappointing afternoon for me. It was when the Bank of Jamaica (BOJ) announced that it had requested certain financial institutions not to make dividend payments — even those declared late 2019 — to their shareholders. I was consumed by... Read More

The test of human compassion in the COVID-19 crisis

Raulston Nembhard | Wednesday, May, 13 2020    

If there is one thing that has been made clear to the global community by the coronavirus it is that we are radically interdependent; that no person or country is an island unto himself or itself; and that our common survival is intimately bound up in the welfare of the... Read More

The post-COVID-19 classroom

Dudley C McLean II | Tuesday, May, 12 2020    

As we begin to explore how best to reopen our economy, it behoves our educators, in preparation for the reopening of schools in September for the 2020-21 academic year, to initiate conversations in regard to the implementation of physical distancing and good hygienic practices to... Read More

The second and perhaps third wave

By Nathan 'Jolly' Green | Tuesday, May, 12 2020    

We have all heard of the saying, “History always repeats itself.” Well, the COVID-19 virus is a pandemic just as the Spanish Flu of 1918 was a pandemic. Read More

More than sea, sand, sun and fun

Kemal Brown | Tuesday, May, 12 2020    

COVID-19 has been on our shores for 63 days. Consequently, several industries, principal among them tourism and manufacturing, have seen drastic declines. The dollar is devaluing, seemingly pegged to our collective anxiety bred of uncertainty as we traverse a path never before trod and... Read More

Pharmacy practice in Jamaica under COVID-19 and beyond

Monday, May, 11 2020    

Pharmacists are on the front line of the global response to the novel coronavirus. Like so many members of the health team, some have lost their lives. The data suggest that community pharmacists are most vulnerable. These deaths have had a ripple effect on pharmacy organisations that are... Read More


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