The bauxite industry; within and without

Lance Neita | Sunday, November, 18 2018    

The bauxite levy debate held centre stage in the House on October 30 when Opposition spokesman on mining and energy, Phillip Paulwell, again took the Government to task for what he described as a wrong decision to enter a profit-share agreement with New Day rather than... Read More

'Duppy' stories vs objective reality

Garfield Higgins | Sunday, November, 18 2018    

Hope is the pillar of the world. — Kanuri proverb (Niger)  Read More

Abortion (Part 2) — considerations continued

Al Miller | Sunday, November, 18 2018    

I have noticed that everyone who is for abortion has already been born. — Ronald Reagan  Read More

Levy talk...

Sunday, November, 18 2018    

Recent discussions in the nation's Parliament have included the decades-old bauxite levy that has been utilised as a tool for negotiations over successive political administrations. The problem, however, says columnist Lance Neita, is that opinions on the management (manipulation) of the... Read More

BPO shows up lack of skills, especially in young girls

Sunday, November, 18 2018    

My attention was drawn to a photo in The Gleaner on Thursday, November 15 of Prime Minister Andrew Holness speaking with the accounting firm, KPMG, on future prospects of the BPO industry in which KPMG is now interested. Read More

The meaning of the 2016 General Election lower voter turnout

Shalman Scott | Sunday, November, 18 2018    

In 74 years since the declaration of Universal Adult Suffrage in 1944 in Jamaica, the percentage voter turnout was the lowest in a general parliamentary election as recorded in 2016. Read More

Cleaning up our 'Acts'

Bruce Golding | Sunday, November, 18 2018    

The Ministry of Justice had undertaken to complete, by the end of last year, a comprehensive review of the fines currently provided for in our statutes. With the passage of time, many of these fines have been rendered ludicrous. Some are as low as $20. Read More

The dichotomy of defending criminals

BY JASON McKAY | Sunday, November, 18 2018    

I came upon a case recently of a defence lawyer named Geir Lippestad, who was threatened and had to remove his child from school because of his decision to defend a Norwegian neo-Nazi terrorist, Anders Behring Breivik, who had killed 77 people in an attack in 2011. Read More

Dialectical issues which hinder Jamaica's prosperity

Franklin Johnston | Friday, November, 16 2018    

The region we live in is made up of the West Indies-Anglophone states of some five million for which the eponymous cricket team and university are named, plus the core Caribbean islands the Dominican Republic, Cuba, Haiti, Puerto Rico, some 50 million people, and nations washed by the... Read More

Violence at the school

Friday, November, 16 2018    

'CHILDREN witness murder at school,' the headline said. The report told us that the murder took place at the gates of a Kingston preparatory school shortly after one of the parents had dropped off his child. It is reported that a man approached the parent, words were exchanged, shots... Read More

A few political comparisons

Michael Burke | Thursday, November, 15 2018    

So the Democrats won a majority in the United States midterm elections last week. In political discussions all around Jamaica many are divided between the Republican Donald Trump and an unnamed rival from the Democrats. Read More

Law and ethics: Natural or unnatural bedfellows?

Clinton Chisholm | Wednesday, November, 14 2018    

Prompted by the protracted debate about the buggery law, gruesome murders, abortion, corruption, the ganja industry, etc, I wish to highlight a dilemma that all free societies face; namely, deciding on the relationship between positive law and ethics. Read More

A huge sigh of relief in American midterm elections

Raulston Nembhard | Wednesday, November, 14 2018    

The results of the US midterm elections are now in, with the recounts of the governor's and Senate race now underway. Those who lost are licking their wounds or are filing lawsuits to contest results. The winners, of course, are rejoicing on the top of Mount Everest. Read More

The transformation in West Indies Cricket

Tuesday, November, 13 2018    

An edited version of the keynote address delivered by Cricket West Indies President Whycliffe “Dave” Cameron on Saturday, October 6, 2018 on his being inducted in the Cricket Hall of Fame in New York, United States.  Read More




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