The coffee industry and its $60-m gift

Raulston Nembhard | Wednesday, September, 19 2018    

Traditional crops in Jamaica, such as sugar, coffee and cocoa, have been undergoing scrutiny as they respond to market forces and other paradigm shifts in the global production and marketing of these commodities. The funeral oration for the sugar industry beckons, and now coffee is in the cross... Read More

Band-Aids on bullet

Jhanile A. BROOKS | Tuesday, September, 18 2018    

WITH all the recent discussions about mental health, young people, suicide and suicidal hotlines, or lack thereof, I thought it was important for us to widen the scope through which we view this topic of mental health. Coincidentally, World Suicide Prevention Day was observed on... Read More

Implications of EU data protection rules for Caribbean businesses

Andrea MARTIN-SWABY | Tuesday, September, 18 2018    

MAY 25, 2018 should be highlighted as a most important day in history — new day dawned to welcome the implementation of the new European Union Data Protection Regulation. Some may say that the giants have been forced to yield, but whether they have surrendered is of little... Read More

A nudge could save Jamaica billions!

By Henry J Lewis and Ijah Thompson | Tuesday, September, 18 2018    

IMAGINE if Jamaicans finally got the message and started healthy eating, exercising regularly, drinking less sugary drinks, and reducing their salt intake. What would happen? The incidence of obesity and hypertension would fall precipitously, and thus the expensive health problems that... Read More

How religion poisons

Clinton Chisholm | Monday, September, 17 2018    

I chose the headline of this column because it is the subtitle of a book that forms the springboard for my reflection now. Read More

Get it checked!

Ana Fadich | Monday, September, 17 2018    

Prostate cancer is the most common form of cancer in men, striking approximately 165,000 men each year with about 30,000 dying of the disease. It is second only to lung cancer as the deadliest cancer in men. Read More

Bakari Sellers should stick to American politics

BY FABIAN LEWIS | Monday, September, 17 2018    

Having George W Bush giving a lecture on business ethics is like having a leper give you a facial, it just doesn't work! — Robin Williams.á Read More

Holness's legacy wish

Canute Thompson | Sunday, September, 16 2018    

The Government of Jamaica is engaged in major road infrastructure projects involving billions of dollars of expenditure. The roads involved cover Mandela Highway, Washington Boulevard, Constant Spring, Barbican, and Three Miles. While these projects are welcome, there are undeniable problems... Read More

What Peter Phillips must/mustn't say today...

Garfield Higgins | Sunday, September, 16 2018    

It is not changing into a lion that is hard, it is getting the tail of a lion. – Sierra Leone proverbá Read More

A good laugh at ourselves never hurts

Lance Neita | Sunday, September, 16 2018    

Jamaica's indigenous culture remains the saving grace for a country battered by crime, economic woes, indiscipline, natural disasters, and political wranglings. We have been repeatedly savaged by acts of violence and a coarseness that has threatened to uproot our social stability. It must be the... Read More

Nation on the brink: Take off or fall off?

Al Miller | Sunday, September, 16 2018    

Victory at all costs, victory in spite of all terror...for without victory, there is no survival. — Winston Churchillá Read More

Judging the Caribbean Court of Justice

Sir Ronald Sanders | Sunday, September, 16 2018    

Startlingly , eight of the 10 Commonwealth countries that still cling to the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council (JCPC) as their final court of appeal are Caribbean Community (Caricom) states. Read More

Hard work, parental responsibility and the community in education

Louis E A Moyston, PhD | Sunday, September, 16 2018    

This time of the year I really enjoy reading the newspaper revelation of students and parents whose hard work resulted in academic excellence. These exposÚs are eye-openers to things that work for educational success. Sometimes students speak about their religious background and the associated... Read More

Don't let crime efforts distract focus of the dollar depreciating

BY HUGH GRAHAM | Sunday, September, 16 2018    

These past few weeks have seen several shocks to our economy, much like I had predicted last year when the dollar first slid to $130. Read More

Where is the Jamaican economy heading?

by Shalman Scott | Sunday, September, 16 2018    

THE above topic is a follow up to my article two Sundays ago entitled: 'Jamaica's last 41 years of economic walk'. Read More


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