The soccer World Cup is really a farce

Victor Dixon | Thursday, July, 26 2018    

The soccer World Cup is not a fair tournament as there is a lack of balance with the officiating and with the television coverage of the games. Read More

From the Dark Ages to Renaissance

BY FABIAN LEWIS | Thursday, July, 26 2018    

Great effort is required to arrest decay and restore vigour. One must exercise proper deliberation, plan carefully before making a move, and be alert in guarding against relapse following a Renaissance. — Horace  Read More

30 years as a newspaper columnist

Michael Burke | Thursday, July, 26 2018    

In the second issue of the now-defunct Jamaica Record, my first-ever weekly column for a fee appeared on July 26, 1988, exactly 30 years ago. It was taken from my own newsletter that I did for Roman Catholics who do not and did not... Read More

When will the Finsac report be published, Dr Clarke?

Raulston Nembhard | Wednesday, July, 25 2018    

In 2008, the Jamaica Labour Party Government commissioned an enquiry into the collapse of the financial sector that occurred in the 1990s. The Financial Sector Adjustment Company (Finsac) report, as it has been popularly called, should have been published six months... Read More

Water not the problem; the absence of engineering is

Louis Moyston | Wednesday, July, 25 2018    

Engineering science is the answer to our water problem Don't forget your historyKnow your destinyIn the abundance of waterThe fool is thirsty! Read More

High expectations… low staff morale

Verona Antoine-Smith | Tuesday, July, 24 2018    

A car pulls up at the gates of an organisation. The engine is still running, its door opens, an employee gets in and immediately starts a conversation with the driver.“Damn, I can't stand that place.”There is silence. Read More

Performance task form of assessment and PEP

By Camella Buddo | Tuesday, July, 24 2018    

Change is an ongoing process which results in positive or negative outcomes, although the expectations when changes are implemented are for the good. The underpinning theories and principles in education have evolved from traditional behaviourism to contemporary constructivism. Focus has shifted... Read More

We do not have a 'don't ask, don't tell' policy

Colin Campbell | Monday, July, 23 2018    

Jamaicans do not like injustice in any form. Most of the rebellions and uprisings in Jamaica had injustice as the signal causal factor.Jamaicans also like to kill the messenger, and those who bear bad news generally do so at their peril. Read More

Perilous times — World Trade War 1

By Brian Plummer | Monday, July, 23 2018    

It was Mark Twain who said that history rhymes. I recognise the current trade war as a modern version of the opium war. It is different because we are in 2018, not in 1839. The world is globalised and the United States, not the United Kingdom, is the world power that needs goods (not... Read More

Just how much is crime to cost, Peter Phillips?

Garfield Higgins | Sunday, July, 22 2018    

Peace is costly, but it is worth the expense. — Kenyan proverb  Read More

Success out of the unspeakable horrors of war

Lance Neita | Sunday, July, 22 2018    

I once shared in this column the story of that Balkan girl from Bosnia, Mirsada Buric, who risked her life training under war-torn conditions in the streets of Sarajevo (the capital city) in the attempt to fulfil her seemingly impossible dream of running in the 1992 Barcelona Olympics. A... Read More

Outcry for Warren; what about those dismissed without cause?

Canute Thompson | Sunday, July, 22 2018    

What do Avrill Crawford, Herman Athias, Hugh Cross, Garfield Daley, David McBean, and Howard Mollison have in common? They all headed agencies of the Ministry of Science and Technology (and formerly energy) prior to February 25, 2016. Crawford was at eLearning, Athias at eGov, Cross at Universal... Read More

Life lessons from the World Cup

Al Miller | Sunday, July, 22 2018    

Some people come into our life as a blessing, while others come into our life as a lesson. — attributed to Mother Teresa and Yolanda Hadid  Read More

How beneficial was the Caricom leaders' meeting?

Sir Ronald Sanders | Sunday, July, 22 2018    

This week, the Washington-based publication Latin American Advisor sought responses from me, and others considered knowledgeable on Caribbean affairs, to three questions regarding the recently held Caricom heads of government meeting in Jamaica. Read More

Let the cameras in!

Bert Samuels | Sunday, July, 22 2018    

The highest court in our judicial system — the Privy Council — now livestreams proceedings, so the entire world can see judges, lawyers, litigants, and court officials in real time. Further, it is not a stretch to argue that, in our world of liberal access... Read More


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