That 'three strikes you're out' law

BY JASON MCKAY | Sunday, September, 16 2018    

The 'three strikes you're out' law comes from the baseball metaphor relating to when a pitcher pitches three straight balls at the player batting, and he is unable to hit any. Read More

A conversation on jamaica with Uma Ramakrishnan

Sunday, September, 16 2018    

Following is an interview of IMF Mission Chief to Jamaica Dr Uma Ramakrishnan conducted by Bruce Edwards and released in a podcast on September 13, 2018. Read More

Is Ruel Reid dumbing down education?

Franklin Johnston | Friday, September, 14 2018    

Education is the last best hope for poor Jamaicans. School is an emotional subject because parents love their kids and want the best for them. Yet, for years Minister of Education Senator Ruel Reid has been undermining parents' trust by cussing the best performing high schools. (He never... Read More

History and legacy

Barbara Gloudon | Friday, September, 14 2018    

This Wednesday afternoon, while trying to get work done, we were reminded that it was the 30th anniversary of Hurricane Gilbert — one of our most serious hurricanes. Remember him? Read More

Time for UWI linkages to meet the demands of our times

Dennis A Minott | Thursday, September, 13 2018    

In an article titled 'UWI focused on output rather than quality output – PSOJ president' The Gleaner newspaper of Saturday, September 8, 2018 reported the following: “President of the Private Sector Organisation of Jamaica (PSOJ) Howard Mitchell has expressed his... Read More

Hurricane Gilbert and its aftermath

Michael Burke | Thursday, September, 13 2018    

Yesterday marked 30 years since the devastating Hurricane Gilbert ravaged Jamaica from east to west. Since that time we have had some other hurricane disasters but none of the magnitude of Gilbert, with its eye passing over the entire island. Read More

The PNP at 80

Lloyd B Smith | Thursday, September, 13 2018    

Having evolved from Fabian socialism (socialists aiming to achieve socialism by non-revolutionary methods) to democratic socialism (a euphemism for socialism that is not communistic) to centre-left with an increasing leaning towards capitalism, the People's National... Read More

A requiem for the sugar industry

Raulston Nembhard | Wednesday, September, 12 2018    

Ever since the British declared the sugar industry unviable and ended the slave trade in the 18th century the industry has never regained viable status in Jamaica and the rest of the Caribbean. There have been times when it appeared viable, but, if the truth be told,... Read More

C'bean should assess US approach to unilateral preferential trade arrangements

BY Elizabeth Morgan | Wednesday, September, 12 2018    

  Read More

Young lives matter: Yetanya, Trayvon

Henry J Lewis | Tuesday, September, 11 2018    

Remember Trayvon Martin? The 17-year-old black boy who was shot dead on February 26, 2012 in a gated community in Sanford, Florida, by George Zimmerman, 28, a white, self-appointed neighbourhood watch captain, who claimed he shot Martin in self-defence? Read More

How Dr Phillips nodded on his journey for clean

Frank Phipps | Tuesday, September, 11 2018    

DEMOCRACY is safe when political opposition is awake. Both national newspapers, on Sunday, August 26, 2018, published a well-written article by Opposition Leader Dr Peter Phillips condemning partisan political bias in the way the Public Service Commission (PSC) functions for governance and... Read More

Renewable energy on a roll in Jamaica

Jean Lowrie-Chin | Monday, September, 10 2018    

The spectre of Kingston becoming submerged and the shoreline of Montego Bay becoming compromised should motivate every single one of us to do our part to protect our island and, indeed, our planet from climate change. The erosion at Hellshire beach and Little Ochie has sounded a loud... Read More

Breathing while being female is dangerous in Jamaica

BY MARVETTE CAMILLE | Monday, September, 10 2018    

  Read More

'One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind'

Lance Neita | Sunday, September, 9 2018    

Readers have responded to last week's column on the intricacies of space, some asking what about Jamaica. Naturally, if it is outer, or inner, Jamaicans have to be involved. The USA is in the lead in the race to discover, for example, what, if any, alien life exists in outer space. But Jamaicans... Read More

The dreaded four horsemen of the apocalypse did not ride

Garfield Higgins | Sunday, September, 9 2018    

Do not let the goat you might carry on your shoulder play in the mud. — A Mende Proverb/Sierra Leone  Read More


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