Assange is a hero

Thomas Knapp | Monday, April, 15 2019    

On April 11, 2019 the ongoing saga of journalist and transparency activist Julian Assange took a dangerous turn. Ecuador's president, Lenin Moreno, revoked his asylum in that country's London embassy. British police immediately arrested him — supposedly pursuant... Read More

Jamaica's 'breeding' problem

Glenn Tucker | Sunday, April, 14 2019    

A recent evening newscast carried a story of a woman with nine children who had been living in deplorable conditions. She was unemployed, unemployable, and had no means of support. As I listened it was revealed that appeals were being made to a host of agencies in the private sector and... Read More

Portland Eastern: Lessons and Projections

Al Miller | Sunday, April, 14 2019    

Ultimately there is no such thing as failure. There are lessons learned in different ways. — Twyla Tharp  Read More

Selling or saving the soul of the OAS

Sir Ronald Sanders | Sunday, April, 14 2019    

THE Organisation of American States (OAS), already a broken institution, was shattered even more on April 9, 2019 at a meeting of its Permanent Council. It is now an organisation whose membership is deeply divided and amongst whom mistrust and bitterness now predominates. Read More

A leadership crisis looms in the PNP

Garfield Higgins | Sunday, April, 14 2019    

People who think they are too wise often end up greeting a goat. — Fante proverb, Ghana  Read More

Jamaica's NIDS setback of its own making

Gilbert Morris | Sunday, April, 14 2019    

For two years now I have been writing about Jamaica's national identification system (NIDS). I wrote much of what follows below two days ago (April 10, 2019). Today, April 12, 2019, the Jamaica High Court rejected the entire NIDS programme as unconstitutional, a breach of constitution privacy,... Read More

The arrows of allegation

Jason McKay | Sunday, April, 14 2019    

The famine in Ethiopia in 1984 went unnoticed by the world and largely, there was no response to it until Michael Jackson, the premier entertainer of his era, brought together the world's greatest musicians and did a song entitled We are the World. Read More

The life of a trailblazer

BY CONNIE AITCHESON | Sunday, April, 14 2019    

WHEN family and friends of the late Dr Cynthia Thompson, OD, gathered for a prayer meeting at Lyndhurst Methodist Church in St Andrew, there was no mourning. Instead, the congregation sang hymns and recalled the fond memories of a woman many referred to as a legend, icon or just simply... Read More

Portland Eastern is no bellwether

Franklin Johnston | Friday, April, 12 2019    

  Read More

No more batteration

Barbara Gloudon | Friday, April, 12 2019    

Domestic violence is no joke. It cannot be taken lightly in any way. The murder-suicide which occurred earlier this week has shown that firearms, anger and jealousy are a fatal combination. The report of the killer shooting his estranged wife, even as his 12-year-old... Read More

Phillips should remain as PNP president

Michael Burke | Thursday, April, 11 2019    

Today is the 52nd anniversary of the death of Sir Donald Burns Sangster. Today is also the 52nd anniversary of the swearing-in of Hugh Lawson Shearer as prime minister of Jamaica — the third person ever to be so named after Jamaica's political ... Read More

Manufacturing — The bastard child of the PNP and JLP

BY DELROY WARMINGTON | Thursday, April, 11 2019    

  Read More

Portland Eastern by-election a sore test for the PNP

Raulston Nembhard | Wednesday, April, 10 2019    

So the Portland Eastern by-election is now history and “Action Ann” has emerged the victor. It was a hotly fought contest, but from the very beginning to the end Ann-Marie Vaz never wavered in her confidence that she would take the seat. She had done the work on the ground and felt... Read More

Cannabis banking prospects improve; scepticism and stigma remain

Ellen Campbell Grizzle | Wednesday, April, 10 2019    

The nascent medical cannabis business in Jamaica is challenged by limited access to banking facilities. Many of the major banks have asked clients engaged in legal medical cannabis businesses to close their accounts for fear of breaching federal laws in the USA. Read More

'Not a person' argument a red herring (or smaller fish)

Clinton Chisholm | Tuesday, April, 9 2019    

The notion that that which results from the fusion of a man's sperm cell and a woman's ovum called a zygote and up to 12 weeks later in development is not a person seems, on the surface, to be a compelling argument for abortion. But appearances can be deceptive, and this argument is no better... Read More


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