The many achievements of the University of Technology

Stephen Vasciannie | Sunday, July, 22 2018    

Over the past year or so there have been various developments at the University of Technology (UTech), Jamaica, which should be brought to public attention. The university is funded in large part by the Government of Jamaica, but the greater share of the university's income is from... Read More

The agricultural master plan that failed but succeeded

Edward Seaga | Sunday, July, 22 2018    

In 1983 Jamaica celebrated its 21st anniversary of Independence. In giving consideration to a suitable monument to mark the occasion, I proposed to the Cabinet to increase investment and modern technology in order to tackle the problem of idle hands and idle lands. Read More

Be wary of the wolves crying corruption

Sunday, July, 22 2018    

The People's National Party (PNP) has, since the Independence, when in Opposition, used the allegation of corruption against the Government and reaped rich political rewards for this deceptive action. It is time to carefully analyse this practice, expose, and rebuke it. Read More

Not fair! Criminals get expungement and big jobs

Franklin Johnston | Friday, July, 20 2018    

We hear the words rehabilitation and expungement since 'whistle-blower' Philip Paulwell outed Carolyn Warren, who faced conviction of a drug-related office and is now CEO of State-owned National Energy Solutions Limited (NESoL). This is okay, as rehabilitation, ending recidivism, and for... Read More

In the age of millennials

Barbara Gloudon | Friday, July, 20 2018    

“Youth comes but once in a lifetime.” So said Henry Longfellow. There is much for this business of youth known as millennials in this lifetime — a matter which seems simple, but there is no joke in it. Read More

Material things don't secure an electorate's vote ...all the time

Michael Burke | Thursday, July, 19 2018    

Now that the World Cup is over the electorate will no doubt focus more on the Petrojam affair. The list of scandals — de-bushing, phone bill, Mombassa grass, travel bill — are increasing in number and some of the defences offered by the Government suggest that they are... Read More

Public engagement on Data Protection Bill needed before it's too late

By Amanda Quest | Thursday, July, 19 2018    

The proliferation of digital technologies, media and devices has seen (personal) data become one of the most valuable currencies in the digital knowledge economy. Copious volumes of personal data are exchanged across a wide array of virtual, electronic, and traditional platforms by the... Read More

Drop those stones! Should we punish

Kerensia Morrison | Wednesday, July, 18 2018    

There is no disputing the fact that the consequence of a criminal offence can be far-reaching. This a deterrent that our youth, in particular, ought to be mindful of. More than a post or a tweet on social media that may resurface and cause ridicule is a criminal offence that, when refreshed... Read More

The road to redemption is never paved with gold, Paulwell

Raulston Nembhard | Wednesday, July, 18 2018    

With all the tragic events taking place in Jamaica and the world any reader of this column can be easily excused for wondering about the need to waste precious column space on the predilections of Jamaican politicians. Yet, it is a duty that one cannot escape from as politicians do exercise a... Read More

Shadow Education System: Uncovering its prevalence in Jamaica

Adella Campbell | Tuesday, July, 17 2018    

In a recent seminar held in Shanghai, China, for education administrators from developing countries, I was exposed to the reform of China's educational system over various dynasties. I also had the opportunity to interact with eminent scholars, advisors and consultants on education from across... Read More

Caricom needs to develop a consensus on ganja

Louis Moyston | Tuesday, July, 17 2018    

The 39th regular meeting of the conference of the heads of government of the Caribbean Community was held on July 4-6, in Montego Bay, St James. Already there were mixed views about the conference and ganja. There is a view that the leaders are interesting in... Read More

'The centre will and must be made to hold'

Jean Lowrie-Chin | Monday, July, 16 2018    

As we arrived at the Papine Campus of the University of Technology, Jamaica (UTech) for the institution's 60th Anniversary Lecture by Governor General Sir Patrick Allen, Hubie and I reminisced on our first formal date. It was several decades before at his Collge of the Arts, Science and... Read More

I stand with Carolyn Warren

Sharon Hay Webster | Monday, July, 16 2018    

My son, now 30, has had to say to me in the past, “Mum, go back out and put down your work right outside the front door. Don't come in here with it; it's just not fair to us!” He was only 14 then. When one is involved in public service as a politician many things intrude on... Read More

The tale of two Andrews

Lloyd B Smith | Sunday, July, 15 2018    

The controversies swirling around the scandal-hit State-owned oil refinery, Petrojam, have propelled Prime Minister Andrew Holness and his embattled Minister of Science and Technology (formerly energy as well) Dr Andrew Wheatley centre stage, under the glaring spotlight of public opinion —... Read More

Peter calling out JLP, but 'ants inna PNP milk'

Garfield Higgins | Sunday, July, 15 2018    

Only a wise person can solve a difficult problem. — Akan proverb  Read More


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