Aiming for higher

Canute Thompson | Thursday, November, 8 2018    

Jamaica is at a crossroads in relation to two of the most critical variables that affect the long-term quality of life of our people and which define the foundations of our democracy. The reason I suggest we are at a crossroads is that we are faced with the opportunity to choose between... Read More

The struggle for economic independence

Michael Burke | Thursday, November, 8 2018    

On November 10, 1968 (50 years ago this coming Saturday), Norman Washington Manley gave his valedictory address to the People's National Party (PNP). On that occasion, he proclaimed that the mission of his generation was to bring political independence, but the mission... Read More

The Church has failed in its stewardship of church lands

Raulston Nembhard | Wednesday, November, 7 2018    

A recent media report revealed the lamentation of a group of Jamaican churches over the loss of land due to squatting. Almost every denomination with large tracts of land has been affected by this phenomenon. It is not anything new, and in a country like Jamaica — where close to a million... Read More

Tourism resilience in the age of ZOSO and SOE

Henley Morgan | Wednesday, November, 7 2018    

There is precedence to leaders of countries making security decisions on the basis of faulty intelligence, usually with costly consequences. The most disastrous in recent times was the decision by President George W Bush to invade Iraq on the presumption that Sadam Hussein had stockpiles of... Read More

The West Indies cricket's dilemma

Herro Blair Jr | Tuesday, November, 6 2018    

Growing up, I remember the days of sitting around the table with my dad to hear the runs being scored by the West Indies cricket team greats and the wickets being taken by our Rolls-Royce of bowlers, Mikey Holding, and the four-pronged pace attack. These teams won match after match... Read More

100 years since the Armistice: Have we learnt?

BY Elizabeth Morgan | Tuesday, November, 6 2018    

  Read More

Stepping up for our students

Jean Lowrie-Chin | Monday, November, 5 2018    

WE were given a reality check on the nation's children last week, and so we welcome the upcoming interaction of Jamaica's leaders with students. The room vibrated with positivity at the Jamaica Conference Centre for the recent launch of the Kingston & St Andrew Foundation Student... Read More

The prime minister's dilemma A Caribbean perspective after Brexit

Frank Phipps | Monday, November, 5 2018    

Prime Minister Theresa May has three options in the dilemma for leading her country out of the present state of uncertainty, frustration and confusion resulting from the outcome of the referendum on Britain's membership in the European Union. The delay in making a decision on the terms and... Read More

More than talk needed on Ja's second language

BY ONEIL MADDEN | Monday, November, 5 2018    

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Abortion: No neat Society, the law and compassion

Howard Gregory | Sunday, November, 4 2018    

WITH the proposed review of legislation governing abortion in Jamaica the issue has been defined by some as a moral issue, and so it is to a large extent. Read More

'Potato pioneer'

Gilfred K Morris | Sunday, November, 4 2018    

“Di sinting nyam so bad!” (This thing tastes so bad). This was the response of many old-timers to the eating of the newly introduced Irish potato in the late 1890s. How could they ever have dreamt that this new crop would become such a staple of our Jamaican diet, and that it would... Read More

Ja Chamber of Commerce charts new path

By Josimer Scott Observer writer | Sunday, November, 4 2018    

The Jamaica Chamber of Commerce (JCC), over the next few months, will explore new frontiers in Africa and Latin America in order to “improve export-led growth” among its membership. Read More

No one answer

Sunday, November, 4 2018    

As the debate continues in Parliament on the issue of abortion, clergyman Howard Gregory offers a sober review of the subject matter. He suggests that any consideration of abortion carries a human and experiential element that must be considered as we formulate our positions. Gregory posits that... Read More

Are the Maroons mentioned

Shalman Scott | Sunday, November, 4 2018    

OCCASIONALLY when I make reference to the Jamaican Maroons in my writings, there are a few respondents, some of whom parade as being of direct descendants to the Maroons and often, in an opaque manner, seem to suggest that I am against the Maroons. Read More

The significance of the US midterm elections

Bruce Golding | Sunday, November, 4 2018    

No midterm elections in the United States have attracted as much attention as those to be held on Tuesday. They have already smashed all previous records in terms of fund-raising, voter registration, early voting turnout, and the proportion of women running for... Read More




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