Medals and memories

Barbara Gloudon | Friday, October, 12 2018    

On Wednesday, October 10, at the Institute of Jamaica, on East Street, Kingston, presented the 2018 Musgrave Medals — the oldest award in the western hemisphere — to worthy persons in the field of literature, science and arts. Read More

Not all sugars are created equal

Andrew Wheatley | Thursday, October, 11 2018    

Tim Lobstein, director of policy, World Obesity Federation, London, UK, in September 2014, reported, inter alia: The consumption of sugar-sweetened beverages, has been suggested as a contributory factor to the rising levels of childhood obesity in many countries worldwide. Recent... Read More

Morant Bay Rebellion and the police

Michael Burke | Thursday, October, 11 2018    

TODAY is 153 years since the Morant Bay Rebellion. In a real way, Paul Bogle, by leading the rebellion, put Jamaica on the road to self-government, which finally came in 1944. Even in 1865 there was talk about Jamaica ruling itself; although, most ironically, the House of Assembly voted itself... Read More

Hold media to a higher standard on gender-based violence

Alyssa Nebel | Wednesday, October, 10 2018    

Every week brings with it new stories about missing, murdered, raped, or assaulted women in Jamaica. The volume of these stories is staggering; the details terrifying. Sadly, the media's representation of these stories too often excuses the perpetrator and blames the victim. How the media tells... Read More

Turning crises into opportunities

Raulston Nembhard | Wednesday, October, 10 2018    

Depending with whom you talk Jamaica is a country in which nothing seems to work. Preachers and prophets of doom will always see the half-empty glass, the dark cloud instead of the silver lining, the oncoming train in the tunnel instead of the flicker of sunlight which indicates the exit is... Read More

As we lift our standards in sport...

Akshai Mansingh | Tuesday, October, 9 2018    

The Jamaica Observer 's refreshing editorial on 'Sports academies the answer to academics vs sports debate' summarised the laudable effort of Peter Gould in launching the Mount Pleasant Football Academy. This is the first dedicated sport academy where... Read More

No matter what?

Rev. Stephen Tillett | Tuesday, October, 9 2018    

I am compelled to express my disgust at the determination of the US Senate Judiciary Committee and the White House to ramrod through a Supreme Court nomination no matter what. While Brett Kavanaugh might meet some standards for a justice, as far as his legal training and experience,... Read More

Narcissism and the price of Kanye West's celebrity

Donovan Watkis | Tuesday, October, 9 2018    

CELEBRITIES are reviled all over the world. Celebrities are pioneers and cultural icons. They are grand scale indicators of things that are to come, with their brand of narcissism and willingness to experience and experiment with things and concepts others may shy away... Read More

Our PM made Jamaica proud

Jean Lowrie-Chin | Monday, October, 8 2018    

Jamaica should be proud that our prime minister, Andrew Holness, represented us with distinction at the 73rd session of the United Nations General Assembly last month. He spoke like a leader well aware of our challenges, but positive in his outlook. Read More

It's Caribbean lives at stake

Mia Mottley | Sunday, October, 7 2018    

The following is a lightly edited transcript of a speech at the United Nations General Assembly in New York, delivered on September 28, 2018:  Read More

Clear signs, follow them! Act!

Al Miller | Sunday, October, 7 2018    

Signs are given not simply to be read but to be believed and followed. If they are directional they guide you to your desired destination. If they are warning or danger signs, they protect you from destruction. Read More

A labour beyond just production

Lance Neita | Sunday, October, 7 2018    

WHEN late Prime Minister Michael Manley asked Jamaica to forego the holiday trappings and put work into Labour Day, in 1972, it was a seize-the-moment invitation that gripped the country in an emotional swell and garnered immediate national support. Just about every Jamaican got caught up in the... Read More

An Opposition in search of praise

Garfield Higgins | Sunday, October, 7 2018    

Little by little grow the bananas. — Congolese proverb  Read More

Ganja, hemp and bamboo: their roles in modern Jamaica

Edward Seaga | Sunday, October, 7 2018    

I had a friend who volunteered to oversee the completion of the National Stadium in the final stages before Independence. As the time came closer for completion, he phoned me one day in mid-May 1962 when I had just assumed the position of Minister of Development and Welfare with one of... Read More

Make 'Force' transformation a modernisation exercise

BY JASON MCKAY | Sunday, October, 7 2018    

There has been significant media attention given to the decision to embark on a programme to bring about quantum changes in the Jamaica Constabulary Force. This includes, but is not limited to, changing the name from Force to Service. Read More


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