Bernard Lodge development and more than just housing

By Howard D Hamilton | Thursday, August, 9 2018    

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The pains of a sliding dollar

By Raulston Nembhard | Wednesday, August, 8 2018    

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ACP/EU post-Cotonou negotiations: Road to 2020

By Elizabeth Morgan | Wednesday, August, 8 2018    

 Jamaica's chairmanship of the Council of the African, Caribbean and Pacific Group of States (ACP) ended on July 31, 2018. It has been a hectic period for Jamaica and the ACP. Read More

PNP VP race gives hope for party democracy a chance

Louis E A Moyston | Tuesday, August, 7 2018    

It is good to see regular elections for vice-presidents in the People's National Party PNP these days. Though the party had a history of being associated with the word democracy, at times the democratic process has been put to rest. Read More

PNP oil hedge the biggest three-card trick in modern Jamaica

BY Fabian Lewis | Tuesday, August, 7 2018    

 Politicians are masters of the art of deception. — Martin L. Gross.  Read More

The knowledge vs belief

Clinton Chisholm | Tuesday, August, 7 2018    

It is too widespread a confusion for me to leave it unchallenged. I am talking about the claim that belief is inferior to knowledge (without more, as lawyers would say). Read More

It's our turn to make history

Jean Lowrie-Chin | Monday, August, 6 2018    

Happy Independence Day, Jamaica!We are so taken up with news here and abroad, so deep in discussions and accusations that we forget that we are the ones who make the news and, indeed, we can make history. Read More

Slavery just can't be whitewashed away

BY George Garwood | Monday, August, 6 2018    

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Holness's many missed opportunities

Canute Thompson | Sunday, August, 5 2018    

The office of prime minister is one of moral leadership, as Eric Goldman (1952) recounts Teddy Roosevelt saying of the US presidency. With this high bar for leadership, a prime minister is expected to be purposeful, swift, and decisive in the decisions and actions he takes on issues related to... Read More

Jamaica cannot return to the start-and-stop mode

Garfield Higgins | Sunday, August, 5 2018    

A bird that flies off the earth and lands on an anthill is still on the ground. — Igbo proverb  Read More

Youthful exuberance... for good

Lance Neita | Sunday, August, 5 2018    

The first time I heard the phrase “youthful exuberance” associated with a politician was from the famous slap on the wrists administered to Phillip Paulwell by his then prime minister, P J Patterson, in the early 1990s. The expression was used to absolve Paulwell from the negative... Read More

Existence: God and anything

Clinton Chisholm | Sunday, August, 5 2018    

You don't have to be schooled in philosophy to appreciate that one fundamental question in life is: Why is there anything here as opposed to just nothing? Read More

Implement the disposal site measures!

Charles Sinclair | Sunday, August, 5 2018    

I have taken note of the sequence of fires at the disposal sites operated by the National Solid Waste Management Authority (NSWMA) over the past four to five weeks. The first was in St James, then St Mary, then St Andrew, and finally in St Thomas. Read More

The decriminalisation of ganja

Jason McKay | Sunday, August, 5 2018    

I have often stayed away from the issue of marijuana (ganja) and its harm, health, and legality for a few reasons. Read More

Water, water galore! But it's not being properly harvested

Edward Seaga | Sunday, August, 5 2018    

Lack of water for domestic and irrigation use is one of the most serious environmental hazards. Globally, one billion people lack access to safe drinking water and 2.6 billion lack basic sanitation, Peter Diamandis and Steven Kotler write in their book Abundance. Read More




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