Breaking down denominational barriers in the Church

Raulston Nembhard | Wednesday, August, 28 2019    

On any given Sunday churches of varying denominations meet to give praise to the one God who they believe unites them in spirit and in truth. These denominations represent the diversity to be seen in the Christian Church. They enrich the body in worship and in the specific emphases they make in... Read More

The Government continues to marginalise teachers

By Romane Elliston | Tuesday, August, 27 2019    

'' The eye cannot say to the hand, 'I don't need you!' And the head cannot say to the feet, 'I don't need you!'... so that there should be no division in the body, but that its parts should have equal concern for each other. 26) If one part suffers,... Read More

Leaders lack political will to curb corruption

Dr Curtis Webley | Tuesday, August, 27 2019    

Corruption always has been on the forefront of political conversations in our homes, businesses, and social settings. Almost every Jamaican citizen around the world could state, both in public and in private, that corruption is a major problem in... Read More

In partnership with Jamaica

Lance Neita | Monday, August, 26 2019    

Jamaica's bauxite/alumina industry is once again under pressure with jitters around the status of alumina on the world market and any potential local fallout, and also the vigorous and largely misinformed lobbying that has been targeting bauxite mining said to be taking place in areas... Read More

America's home-grown terrorism

Glenn Tucker | Monday, August, 26 2019    

Within a 13-hour period at least 31 people were killed and a similar amount injured by two gunmen in two mass shootings in the US. One concern was that high-powered guns — AR-15s — continued to be the weapon of choice for these mass murderers. When asked to... Read More

PNP must have swallowed the wrong pill

GARFIELD HIGGINS | Sunday, August, 25 2019    

Do not stand in a field of thorns to remove thorns. — Bemba proverb, Zambia  Read More

Balderdash?! Or brilliant policing?

AL MILLER | Sunday, August, 25 2019    

The quality of mercy is not strained. It droppeth as the gentle rain from heaven upon the place beneath. It is twice blest: It blesseth him that gives and him that takes. — William Shakespeare  Read More

New political realities and the campaigns for PNP presidency

LOUIS MOYSTON | Sunday, August, 25 2019    

Popularity polls are important to check the political temperature. In the case of internal party competition, while popularity polls are useful, the sounder approach will be to employ the old party method of canvassing party supporters and delegates. Read More

What about the interests of the ordinary Venezuelan people?

SIR RONALD SANDERS | Sunday, August, 25 2019    

Michelle Bachelet is a torture survivor. She was arrested in 1975 by the late dictator Augusto Pinochet's political police and detained in the notorious Villa Grimaldi torture centre. So, she knows much about the suffering of people. Read More

As global economic picture dims, solutions seem out of reach

Sunday, August, 25 2019    

WASHINGTON, DC, United States (AP) — As global leaders gather on two continents to take account of a darkening economic outlook, this is the picture they face: Read More

The birth of 'Gaza'

JASON McKAY | Sunday, August, 25 2019    

Many young people were shrieking and shouting 'Gaza' or 'Gully' about 10 years ago, as two entertainers were involved in a feud. I am not planning to discuss the feud, as I am not going to help to bring credibility to some brainless publicity stunt. Read More

Sorry and the police lorry

Barbara Gloudon | Friday, August, 23 2019    

Have you noticed that “sorry” has become a sorry word? It seems to have lost its power, or maybe we no longer understand the concept. “Seh sorry!” — Parents demand that quarelling children utter the word. It very often was delivered grudgingly, sounding like... Read More

God save the Queen, but who prospers us?

Franklin Johnston | Friday, August, 23 2019    

August 6, 2019 is done and dusted. At a function at which many said the Queen had been oppressing them the drumming was spiffy. We sang, danced, gave honours, yet the recent Statistical Institute of Jamaica/Planning Institute of Jamaica survey says poverty increased. Read More

More questions than answers on PM's integrity declaration

Canute Thompson | Thursday, August, 22 2019    

In the past two weeks since the release of Prime Minister Andrew Holness's integrity declarations there has been nothing short of uncertainty; not only about his declarations, but also about that of the Leader of the Opposition Peter Phillips. However, it appears that while some... Read More

Medical cannabis research in Jamaica ambles on

Ellen Campbell Grizzle | Thursday, August, 22 2019    

It was Professor Manley West, the godfather of medical cannabis research in Jamaica, who got the ball rolling with little fanfare or external financial support for his work. He was a quiet, amiable, yet driven person. A “steady as it goes” type of individual... Read More


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