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The PSOJ is right

No one should be surprised by news that the novel coronavirus is pushing much of the world into record economic slumps.Anyone who doubts that, or even tries to downplay it, is living in la-la land. Read More

Wishing Senator Kamala Harris well
Jamaicans here and abroad are still brimming with pride and excitement at Mr Joe Biden's selection of Senator Kamala Harris as his running mate in the upcoming United States presidential election.... Read More

Time for the stability of fixed election dates
There is enough on record to advise Prime Minister Andrew Holness that a game of cat and mouse with the nation's election dates can be of no productive purpose.The nation's living memory, as well, will no doubt support this notion.... Read More

Reopening schools amid COVID-19
We can't begin to imagine the nightmare that the island's education authorities are having over the reopening of schools next month amid the COVID-19 pandemic.... Read More

Whip hand for Mr Andrew Holness and the JLP

Monday, August, 10 2020    

Even if Prime Minister Andrew Holness does not name an early September date for the next parliamentary general election, as is widely expected, what we know for sure is that it won't be long. Read More

Hiroshima must not happen again

Sunday, August, 9 2020    

On August 6, 1945, at approximately 8:15 am the United States dropped an atomic bomb, code-named “Little Boy”, on the city of Hiroshima in Japan. The moment is immortalised in history as it represented the dawn of the nuclear age. Read More

Organising sport in the era of COVID-19

Saturday, August, 8 2020    

THE rapid spread of COVID-19 has meant there are few certainties anymore. On a global scale there have been numerous postponements of mega sporting events, including the Olympics. Read More

Don't allow selfish, reckless actions to erode our COVID-19 gains

Friday, August, 7 2020    

Earlier this week we drew attention to a most timely caution from the World Health Organization (WHO) that there may never be a silver bullet for COVID-19; therefore, people need to ensure that they observe the known basic steps to suppress the pandemic, such as testing, contact tracing,... Read More

Happy Independence Day, Jamaica

Thursday, August, 6 2020    

Fifty-eight years ago, on August 6, Jamaica stepped forward as a sovereign country, brimming with pride and hope for a bright future. Read More

Finally, a show of maturity in Guyana

Wednesday, August, 5 2020    

Read More

A timely caution from the WHO

Tuesday, August, 4 2020    

Word from the World Health Organization (WHO) yesterday that there may never be a silver bullet for COVID-19 comes as a timely caution to people across the world who are flouting protocols designed to reduce spread of the virus. Read More

Reopening schools amid COVID-19

Monday, August, 3 2020    

For the great majority of Jamaicans there can hardly have been any experience quite as testing as the ongoing COVID-19 health emergency. Read More

Thank you, Prof Verene Shepherd – Teacher

Sunday, August, 2 2020    

At this time of year, Jamaicans routinely celebrate our Independence and remember the violent struggle for Emancipation in which our ancestors died or were put to death by execution or lashing. Read More

The big challenge for cricket coaches

Saturday, August, 1 2020    

Hope , though springing eternal, is never enough. Deeds, inspired by hope, will win the day. Read More

JUTC needs to be run as a business, not a political trough

Friday, July, 31 2020    

Here we go again.Like old man river, the losses, wanton waste, and corruption at the State-owned Jamaica Urban Transit Company (JUTC) just keep rolling along. Read More


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