Money cannot buy integrity and honesty

Sunday, August, 5 2018    

Recent events resulting in the belated resignations of a minister of Government and the chairman of the board of directors of a public entity serve to highlight the importance of how to ensure good governance. Read More

IAAF move against trafficking of athletes very appropriate

Saturday, August, 4 2018    

We note that even as international attention was focused on human trafficking at a major conference in Montego Bay late last month, the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) was formalising new rules to eliminate, or at the very least, minimise the... Read More

We weep for Venezuela

Friday, August, 3 2018    

We took no pleasure in publishing the Agence France Presse (AFP) report on Wednesday of Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro admitting that his economic model has “failed”. For what that admission has reinforced is the fact that the Venezuelan people are undergoing severe... Read More

Learning from Mr Warren Weir's mea culpa

Thursday, August, 2 2018    

For the second time in less than a week, we have been extremely encouraged by a development that we think should be held up for its potential as a valuable teaching moment for our young people. Read More

Jamaica land be free today and forever

Wednesday, August, 1 2018    

Today marks the start of six days of intense focus on Jamaica as an independent nation. Read More

Dr Wheatley's political gift to Jamaica

Tuesday, July, 31 2018    

The People's National Party (PNP) is expectedly gleeful but the resignation yesterday of Dr Andrew Wheatley is far more significant than a victory to one party. It is a political gift to the people of Jamaica. Read More

As the PNP gets ready

Monday, July, 30 2018    

Losing an election is not all bad. Defeat allows a political party to reorganise, re-energise, and prepare itself for power next time. Read More

Sensible move to engage more with BRICS

Sunday, July, 29 2018    

The nomenclature BRICS refers to Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa, countries that are defined by what they are not. They do not fit neatly into any of the current categories of countries — developed, developing or least developed. Read More

An unforgettable night of boxing

Saturday, July, 28 2018    

Surely, in the eight seasons of the Wray & Nephew Contender boxing series, there can't have been a more exhilarating fight than was witnessed in the final on Wednesday night. Read More

Bring the courts into the era of technology

Friday, July, 27 2018    

The current debate on the appropriateness of attorneys giving interviews to the press during trials is healthy and, we believe, provides even more justification for the Government's plan to introduce live streaming of select criminal and civil cases. Read More

No joy over meeting on corruption

Thursday, July, 26 2018    

To tweak Mr Theodore Roosevelt's rather humorous quote a little: “When they call the roll in the Parliament, the parliamentarians do not know whether to answer 'present' or 'not guilty'.” Read More

USF saga demonstrates need for new public boards rules

Wednesday, July, 25 2018    

The imbroglio engulfing the Ministry of Energy and its agencies is a clear indication of the way in which partisan politics can damage people and institutions in this country. Read More

7,000 Jamaican slaves under our very noses?

Tuesday, July, 24 2018    

When many Jamaicans think of slavery, what comes to mind are images of Africans in chains, crowded onto slave ships, and later working in the hot sun on large plantations in white-dominated countries in the Western world. Read More

A wonderful example from Clarendon

Monday, July, 23 2018    

That the south-central parish of Clarendon is among Jamaica's more crime-prone regions is well known. Read More

When large animals fight, take care not to be trampled

Sunday, July, 22 2018    

There is a wise old adage which says that when large animals are engaging each other, whether they are making love or war, small animals must get out of the way to ensure their survival. Read More




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