The intoxicating aroma of politics

Sunday, March, 10 2019    

Politics has a way of bringing out the worst in people, especially those who become career politicians. There are some who remain exemplary, but the anecdotal evidence suggests that most become captives of its intoxicating aroma. Read More

Best wishes to our Special Olympics delegation

Saturday, March, 9 2019    

Generally speaking, Special Olympics doesn't get the scale of press coverage as the event that is known as the modern Olympic Games. This newspaper, therefore, is proud to be among the media houses that give attention to the eight days of competition between children and adults with... Read More

Driving gender balance: Where would we be without our women?

Friday, March, 8 2019    

This newspaper joins the world in observing Intern ational Women's Day (IWD) today and notes with some amount of pride and gratitude that our women have made significant contribution to the advancement of our beloved country. Read More

Damion making it hard to go 'forward with Crawford'

Thursday, March, 7 2019    

We would not like to see Senator Damion Crawford implode. The Jamaican body politic needs to be constantly renewed with fresh blood, especially of young men and women bringing their new perspective, even if tinged with naivety. Read More

Eliminating gender-based violence

Wednesday, March, 6 2019    

We note Cabinet Minister Miss Olivia “Babsy” Grange's recent reminder about the 2007 Strategic Action Plan to eliminate gender-based violence in Jamaica. Read More

Jamaica in seabed mining: It's been a long time coming

Tuesday, March, 5 2019    

Wherever in the cosmos Mr Arvid Pardo, the late Maltese diplomat who piloted the concept of the Earth's seas and oceans as being the common heritage of mankind, is, he would be extremely pleased with Jamaica, once again. Read More

Portland Eastern by-election another opportunity to show political maturity

Monday, March, 4 2019    

Anecdotal evidence from elections in the recent past give support to Prime Minister Andrew Holness's prediction last Friday night that the upcoming by-election for the Portland Eastern seat will be peaceful. Read More

Caricom playing a constructive role in Venezuela

Sunday, March, 3 2019    

Small states, as Jamaica has proven over the years, can have an impact well beyond their economic and population size on much more powerful countries, including superpowers. This is even more so when the small states act collectively. Read More

A superb innings by Mr Tony Becca

Saturday, March, 2 2019    

Anyone who knew Mr Tony Becca would not be surprised at the glowing tributes being paid to him since news of his passing Thursday morning. Indeed, Jamaica, the Caribbean, and the wider world in general have lost one of this region's best sports scribes ever. Read More

Minister Ruel Reid's thin-skinned approach

Friday, March, 1 2019    

Obviously, Education Minister Senator Ruel Reid is seeking to reduce the damage he inflicted on himself and, to some extent, the Government, by now referring his proposed code of conduct for educators and school boards to the National Council on Education (NCE) for its... Read More

Port Royal development: Cementing the legacy of Mr Andrew Michael Holness

Thursday, February, 28 2019    

Of the several major projects being undertaken by his Administration, Mr Andrew Holness, if he completes them, is most likely to be remembered for Mandela Highway, Constant Spring Road, Portia Simpson Miller Square, and the new parliament building construction. Read More

Cricket needs sound, vibrant leadership

Wednesday, February, 27 2019    

Like it or not, the West Indies cricket team's good performances against England — regaining the hollowed Wisden Trophy and, up to now, doing well in a limited overs' tournament — is being shadowed by political campaigns. Read More

Crime as political football: here we go again!

Tuesday, February, 26 2019    

Whenever they realise that we are noticing, our politicians make haste to utter grand statements and high philosophy on a range of subjects, including crime, knowing that they never mean what they say and never say what they truly mean. Read More

Sabre-rattling over Venezuela won't help

Monday, February, 25 2019    

Mr Juan Guaidó, the self-declared interim president of Venezuela, and the United States have in recent days increased their sabre-rattling in the political crisis gripping that Latin American country. Read More

Which must come first, development or environmental protection?

Sunday, February, 24 2019    

Many in the construction industry, both private and public, feel strongly that environmental activists, supported by the National Environment and Planning Agency (NEPA), are bent on stifling Jamaica's economic development. Read More


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