A worthy suggestion from Dr Paul Wright

Saturday, February, 23 2019    

Respected physician and sports medicine specialist Dr Paul Wright has raised a very serious issue in his column published in the latest edition of the online discussion forum Public Opinion. Read More

IDT fears require dispassionate debate

Friday, February, 22 2019    

Events associated with the ongoing Petrojam scandal have placed the Industrial Disputes Tribunal (IDT) at the centre of a raging debate that is not only thought-provoking, but laced with the potential to inflame passions. Read More

Airbnb: Fee on short-term rentals could boost community security, health

Thursday, February, 21 2019    

Individuals like Ms Sandra Watson-Garrick, the CEO of the Real Estate Board (REB), are wasting their time resisting the phenomenal growth of short-term rentals fuelled by companies like Airbnb, Booking.com, Trip Advisor, and Expedia, among others. Read More

Better to be safe than sorry

Wednesday, February, 20 2019    

This newspaper must confess to being shocked by the revelations during our interaction with Jamaica Fire Brigade Commissioner Stewart Beckford on Monday. Read More

The dilemma of having five sets of twins

Tuesday, February, 19 2019    

There are Jamaicans in whose veins course the milk of human kindness and unconditional generosity, who are likely to respond to the desperate cry for help coming from Ms Kerry-Ann Anderson — a woman who has given birth to five sets of fraternal twins, plus two... Read More

To counter the effects of the Aedes aegypti

Monday, February, 18 2019    

Health workers should be forgiven if they have concluded that Jamaicans are an especially tough-headed people. Read More

Why the panic over Chinese loans and FDI flows?

Sunday, February, 17 2019    

In the last decade, Jamaica has borrowed from China to finance badly needed infrastructure and there has been foreign direct investment (FDI) by Chinese companies in the bauxite and sugar industries. Read More

A learning experience for all

Saturday, February, 16 2019    

Following the four-game ban on West Indies fast bowler Mr Shannon Gabriel for a perceived homophobic comment there are a few current and former cricketers scratching their heads and thinking 'that could have been me'. Read More

Tough task ahead for Minister Fayval Williams

Friday, February, 15 2019    

The appointment of Ms Fayval Williams as the minister of energy, science, and technology is, we believe, a sound one as she brings to the job the level-headedness that is required to steer one of that ministry's main assets — Petrojam — back on... Read More

Jamaica in good company with age of consent for sex at 16

Thursday, February, 14 2019    

Less than a year after Jamaican legislators frowned upon raising the age of consent for sex from 16 to 18, the Freedom Evangelical Association (FEA) is seeking to bring the issue back to the fore. Read More

Don't overestimate the patience of the people

Wednesday, February, 13 2019    

The populace, especially in the Corporate Area, has shown commendable patience with the Government as it pushes ahead with the roadwork development projects, knowing that they were long overdue and will make life much better upon completion. Read More

What of General Anderson's suggestion?

Tuesday, February, 12 2019    

We had always known that there was widespread support among Jamaicans for the states of emergency (SOEs) which were being used by the Government to combat rampant crime plaguing specific areas of the country. Read More

We have a duty to discourage indiscipline

Monday, February, 11 2019    

Lawlessness and disorder are by no means new to Jamaicans.But even at that, the incident which unfolded in Spalding, a small but lively town on the Clarendon/Manchester border last Tuesday, was shocking. Read More

A triumph to savour

Saturday, February, 9 2019    

Such is the power of the Internet that people have become used to finding information with the click of a button. Read More

Government's focus on R&D a game-changer

Friday, February, 8 2019    

Finance Minister Dr Nigel Clarke's announcement that the Government will make funds available in the national budget for the pursuit of research and development (R&D) as of financial year 2019/20 has warmed our hearts. Read More


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