Single-use plastic ban a good start

Wednesday, September, 19 2018    

The Government deserves commendation for announcing a ban on single-use plastic as the decision is in keeping with global trends which will likely be further developed at the meeting of G7 Environment, Energy and Oceans Ministers that opens today in Canada. Read More

Mr Mahfood raises a solid point

Tuesday, September, 18 2018    

We welcome the Government's announcement of a ban on the use of certain plastic carriers, including what are colloquially referred to as “scandal bags”, as well drinking straws, and polystyrene foam, commonly called styrofoam, starting next January. Read More

The fickle nature of politics

Monday, September, 17 2018    

Even a few days can turn out to be a very long time in politics, much more so three years. Read More

This matter of political appointees as diplomats

Sunday, September, 16 2018    

The appointment of individuals to represent Jamaica as ambassadors is the sole prerogative of the prime minister who is not obliged to consult anyone, not even the minister of foreign affairs. The normal process is for the permanent secretary in the ministry to submit... Read More

There's great economic benefit in football

Saturday, September, 15 2018    

The report in yesterday's Jamaica Observer on the revenues earned by English Premier League club Manchester City makes interesting reading and should, we believe, inspire the leadership of local football to work harder at transforming attitudes toward the sport... Read More

Enforce traffic laws and positive change will come

Friday, September, 14 2018    

We had hoped that the successful management of traffic in the Corporate Area on September 3, the start of the new academic year, would have lasted and indeed become the norm. However, the system started to crumble by the end of last week, and at the start of this week, the streets in... Read More

Let's be absolutely clear about mental illness

Thursday, September, 13 2018    

Mental illness has long been a touchy issue — not only in Jamaica.A common feature in human relations is that mental illness can often become associated with shame and disgrace. That's how it has been for thousands of years. Read More

Preparation has to be the watchword

Wednesday, September, 12 2018    

Today, as we mark the 30th anniversary of Hurricane Gilbert's assault on Jamaica, every one of us should make ensure that we are prepared for any eventualities, especially with us being at the peak of the 2018 Atlantic Hurricane Season. Read More

As we remember 9/11

Tuesday, September, 11 2018    

Seventeen years ago the world watched in shock the abominable attack on thousands of civilians in the United States carried out by a set of monsters who sought to justify their evil act by cloaking themselves in Islam. Read More

If we can help, we always should

Monday, September, 10 2018    

This newspaper has often asserted in this space that Government can't do it alone. Read More

Miss Lou statue a fitting tribute

Sunday, September, 9 2018    

The quote that “True icons are larger than life, unforgettable with an elegance that's mesmerizingly timeless” certainly depicts the late Mrs Louise Bennett-Coverley, better known as “Miss Lou”, whose statue was unveiled in Gordon Town square, St Andrew, on... Read More

Sporting success at the national level of incalculable value

Saturday, September, 8 2018    

It's not by accident that football is the globe's most popular sport. Read More

Effective communication necessary

Friday, September, 7 2018    

A week ago we pointed to the improvements in the economy and appealed to the Government, the Opposition, churches, civil society groups, and the country at large to ensure that we don't lose this momentum. Read More

Public servants need assurance there are rewards up ahead

Thursday, September, 6 2018    

Teachers, nurses, doctors, firefighters, police are among the categories of public sector workers making great sacrifices for their country despite poor remuneration and, in many cases, sub-par working conditions. Read More

That thorny Calabar issue

Wednesday, September, 5 2018    

Calabar High principal Mr Albert Corcho has provided some clarity on the controversy embroiling the school regarding promoting students to Grade 11. Read More




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