Jamaicans, unite to protect our children

Friday, November, 2 2018    

Just a week ago in this space, we bemoaned the high level of crimes and abuse committed against our children. In this regards we are quite encouraged by moves by the Government that suggest the Administration is taking the issue seriously. Read More

Death at the Tree of Life Synagogue

Thursday, November, 1 2018    

We continue to mourn with the relatives and friends of the 11 Jewish men and women who were slaughtered on Saturday by a gunman who made it clear he hated Jews, claiming that they were in support of an immigrant caravan heading for the US from Central America. Read More

Another gain for the justice system

Wednesday, October, 31 2018    

We note with satisfaction reports that a contract has been signed for Wi-Fi modems and wireless Internet in courthouses. Read More

The Merl Grove High saga: Lessons from an abandoned graduation ceremony

Tuesday, October, 30 2018    

In yesterday's edition of this newspaper we ran an unusual story about the pain and anguish that has festered for 35 years in the hearts and minds of scores of Merl Grove High School past students, over the cancellation of their 1983/84 graduation... Read More

Profit over life? A response

Tuesday, October, 30 2018    

Dear Editor, Read More

Applause for a dedicated caregiver

Monday, October, 29 2018    

Readers will be aware that this newspaper has consistently argued that more needs to be done to secure the future of Jamaica's children, and by extension, the nation's future. Read More

US-China conflict touches Caribbean shores

Sunday, October, 28 2018    

The peaceful coexistence of the existing superpower, the United States and the recently risen superpower, the People's Republic of China, has been disrupted by a tit-for-tat tariff war started by the US. Read More

Dwayne Bravo, a star who could have been so much more

Saturday, October, 27 2018    

Perhaps no career better illustrates the extent to which international cricket has changed over the last 15 years than does that of Mr Dwayne Bravo, who announced his retirement from international competition this week at age 35. Read More

Learning from a teenager who has been there, done that

Friday, October, 26 2018    

State minister in the Ministry of Education, Youth and Information Mr Floyd Green sounded very earnest when he announced that the Government is working to remove the bureaucracy hindering the country from effectively reaching children in need of care and... Read More

Whew! Glad no one was hurt in latest US terror attack

Thursday, October, 25 2018    

Images of giant United States cable news network CNN broadcasting from the streets in front of their New York offices, which they were forced to evacuate yesterday, would have sent chills up the spine of all journalists and those who believe in a free... Read More

It's really time now to act to save the youth

Wednesday, October, 24 2018    

Back in early 2017, Dr Lincoln Edwards, new in his job as president of the Northern Caribbean University (NCU), a Seventh-day Adventist institution, told this newspaper a most revealing story. Read More

Rent Board must not take sides against short-term rentals

Tuesday, October, 23 2018    

Until its recent appointment of a mentally energetic chairman, in Mrs Rose Bennett-Cooper, the Rent Board had seen its relevance disappear with the 1970s and 80s, when it largely protected tenants from heartless landlords. Read More

If justice delayed is justice denied…

Monday, October, 22 2018    

Such is the influence of the United States, our mighty neighbour to the north, that Jamaicans are invariably pleased when Washington is pleased with them. Read More

Out of Brexit a disunited kingdom

Sunday, October, 21 2018    

The United Kingdom of Great Britain, one of the dominant regions in the history of the world, is facing the prospect of breaking into smaller countries, something from which no one would benefit. Read More

Opportunities aplenty as a result of Girlz success

Saturday, October, 20 2018    

It can't be said too often: The Reggae Girlz achievement, in qualifying for next year's FIFA Women's World Cup, must be a launching pad, not an end in itself. Read More


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