Beware the nuclear weapons, for the night is dark and full of terrors

Sunday, February, 3 2019    

At present, there are more than enough nuclear weapons to destroy all of mankind and make the planet permanently uninhabitable. Read More

Shelly-Ann eyes the big time yet again

Saturday, February, 2 2019    

It's that time of year when Jamaican track and field followers get a pep in their step and a glint in the eye. Read More

The thorny mixing of politics and sport

Friday, February, 1 2019    

History is littered with instances of sport being used to make political statements.In 1908 for instance, Irish athletes boycotted the London Olympic Games because of Britain's refusal to grant independence to Ireland. Read More

Not even a referendum can end the abortion debate

Thursday, January, 31 2019    

The sooner we recognise that the abortion debate is a never-ending one, the better off we will be as a society trying to come to terms with ourselves. Read More

If we go any slower, we'll come to a standstill

Wednesday, January, 30 2019    

One of the most painful realities of life in Jamaica is the snail's pace at which the State moves on matters that are of vital importance. Read More

Dare we begin to hope again?

Tuesday, January, 29 2019    

When prime ministers leave office, especially after prolonged tenures, what do they do with the vast experience they would have gathered during some of the most historic and momentous events in the life of their nation? Read More

The weight on the shoulders of Jason Holder and his men

Monday, January, 28 2019    

Ask those closely associated with the game and without exception they will tell you that cricket is extremely expensive. Read More

Mr Edmund Bartlett, a tireless fighter for tourism

Sunday, January, 27 2019    

Jamaicans generally are hoping that the Economic Growth Council's Senator Aubyn Hill is right and that the country will still achieve the five per cent economic growth target (5 in 4), certainly by the end of this Administration. Read More

Bolt's charge to 'give back' worth its weight in gold

Saturday, January, 26 2019    

Given his superhuman achievements and great experience, people everywhere listen when Mr Usain Bolt speaks about sport. Read More

A plea for Venezuela

Friday, January, 25 2019    

We are more than uneasy with Mr Juan Guaido, the new leader of Venezuela's Opposition-controlled National Assembly, declaring himself interim president of that country on Wednesday this week. Read More

Mr P J Patterson's security (read truth) commission

Thursday, January, 24 2019    

When a man sees his end, he wants to know there was some purpose to his life. — Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius in the movie epic, Gladiator. Read More

Senator Kamala Harris steps into the Colosseum of US politics

Wednesday, January, 23 2019    

Just how far Senator Kamala Harris will go in her bid for the United States presidency is anyone's guess at this moment. Read More

So while the grass is growing, the horse must starve, Dr Barnett?

Tuesday, January, 22 2019    

You won't find us questioning the abilities of Dr Lloyd Barnett, who is widely regarded as one of, if not Jamaica's foremost constitutional lawyers. But, frankly, he has left us entirely befuddled by his support for the end to the limited states of emergency (SOE). Read More

Why not a Jamaican for World Bank?

Monday, January, 21 2019    

For 43 of the International Monetary Fund's 73 years in existence, the managing director has been a French national, and all 12 World Bank presidents have been Americans. Read More

More than normal policing needed now

Sunday, January, 20 2019    

A meeting involving the private sector, the churches, human rights, civil society groups, and political leaders should have been held last Wednesday to format a national consensus on security, specifically how the country can effectively combat violent crime. Read More


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