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Jah Izrehl getting better

Thursday, November 08, 2018

Towards the end of 2017, singjay Jah Izrehl placed his name in the 'one to watch' box with the hit songs, Betta Than That and Rasta Lifestyle . One year later, he is again closing with a flourish.

Betta Than That and Rasta Lifestyle made The Ultimate 2018, the popular compilation album from Tad's International Record, released in September. Jah Izrehl's latest songs, Banana Farmer and Carry Love, have also resonated with dancehall fans.

The risqué Banana Farmer is produced by T J Records, while Carry Love was done for DJ Smurf Music. His songs reflect his roots reggae and hip hop influences.

“From I was a child I was always listening music either by choice or the fact that my uncle or mother was always playing music, so I was exposed to a lot of different genres. Then in my teens I got obsessed with hip hop until this day,” Jah Izrehl explained. “I was always changing up the lyrics to other people's songs till I started to write lyrics for my own.”

He considers Betta Than That, which focuses on police abuse in Jamaica, to be his biggest success after 10 years of recording. Bolstered by a graphic video, the song got steady radio rotation and sent Jah Izrehl's stocks soaring.

Betta Than That was followed by Rasta Lifestyle, a horn-hooked, old-school 'rockers' that extoles his commitment to a healthy diet.

Initially a deejay, he said the turning point in his career came two years ago when he changed vocal direction.

“At that time I was jus' deejaying without melody.Then one day I said I was going to listen only singers for a year and sing along at the top of my voice, until I start develop some melody and that's what I still do today,” Jah Izrehl explained.

Born Lloyd Watson in Kingston, he grew up in Spanish Town and is the nephew of Little Twitch, a deejay who did the sound system rounds during the 1980s. While attending Jonathan Grant High School, he excelled at cricket, but after graduating Rastafari and music took precedent.

Since 2014, he has recorded songs for various producers including Jovi Dupree and Global Flex Records.

— Howard Campbell