PAHO urges collective action for access to health care in the Caribbean

Monday, December, 17 2018    

WASHINGTON, USA (CMC) — The Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) has joined the commemorations with a call to work together to find solutions that will ensure that all people in the Caribbean and elsewhere have access to quality health services without having to endure financial... Read More

Watch out for foodborne diseases this holiday

Dr Wendy-Gaye Thomas, MD | Sunday, December, 16 2018    

J amaica's recent suspension of the importation of romaine lettuce from the United States, because of the outbreak of E coli bacteria in lettuce in 11 US states, brings into sharp focus the fact that we are entering into a season of high consumption. Read More

Is your teen stressed?

Sunday, December, 16 2018    

Most teens get stressed out by their families from time to time, but whether they bottle those emotions up or put a positive spin on things may affect certain processes in the body, including blood pressure and how immune cells respond to bacterial invaders. Read More

You don't have to sacrifice your life to make a living

BY FITZ-GEORGE RATTARY | Sunday, December, 16 2018    

  Read More

Creating new movement patterns post-injury

Selena DeLeon | Sunday, December, 16 2018    

Do you have pain in your body? Does it ache at the end of the day? Do you have a niggle that you get “treated” that just seems to keep coming back? Any of these are a sign that your body is not functioning efficiently. There is an imbalance, weak muscles, strong muscles,... Read More

What's on your holiday list?

wih Michelle Vernon | Sunday, December, 16 2018    

'Tis the season to be jolly so treat yourself or a loved one to something they will appreciate. With family functions, office parties, and New Year's Eve gatherings right around the corner, everyone wants to look their best without the downtime. To achieve the best results with any skin... Read More

Dietary fat is good? Dietary fat is bad? Coming to consensus

Sunday, December, 16 2018    

Which is better, a low-fat/high-carbohydrate diet or a high-fat/low-carbohydrate diet — or is it the type of fat that matters? Read More

Keep your heart happy this holiday

Sunday, December, 9 2018    

IT'S easy to get carried away this Christmas with eating and drinking when you're in a celebratory mood. One glass of eggnog and slice of Christmas cake can quickly turn to four, and those pounds you worked so hard all year to take off can return to stay like an unwanted, unexpected... Read More

Managing the holiday stress

BY DR ANDRENE CHUNG | Sunday, December, 9 2018    

IT'S the most wonderful time of the year! But with holiday shopping, traffic, long supermarket lines, and all your relatives in one place, that happy holiday spirit is soon replaced with a hectic holiday stress. Read More

Is your work killing you slowly?

BY FITZ-GEORGE RATTRAY | Sunday, December, 9 2018    

YOU are going to work to get the things in life you need. You will put everything into your career, business, job, or profession; everything else be damned. And when you have nothing left, you will just curl up and pack it in. Read More

Researchers explore new way of killing malaria in the liver

Sunday, December, 9 2018    

WASHINGTON, United States (AFP) — In the ongoing hunt for more effective weapons against malaria, international researchers said last Thursday they are exploring a pathway that has until now been little studied — killing parasites in the liver, before the illness... Read More

Ethical concerns with gene-edited babies with gene-edited babies

Dr Derrick Aarons | Sunday, December, 9 2018    

MUCH has been said about the claim by Chinese scientist Professor He Jiankui that he and his team edited the genes of twin girls after their conception to make them impervious to HIV infection. Read More

Road accident deaths swell to 1.35 million each year — WHO

Sunday, December, 9 2018    

GENEVA, Switzerland (AFP) — Road accidents kill someone every 24 seconds, with a total of 1.35 million traffic deaths around the world each year, the World Health Organization (WHO) said last Friday, demanding global action. Read More

Brazil doctors poised for more uterus transplants

Sunday, December, 9 2018    

SAO PAULO, Brazil — Doctors in Brazil who brought about the first-ever birth with a uterus transplant from a dead donor say they have two more women waiting to undergo the same procedure. Read More

Finding new length & strength with Pilates

BY SELENA DELEON | Sunday, December, 2 2018    

THE first time she entered my studio, she was slow and careful in her steps, she complained a lot of struggling through basic daily movements, such as washing her feet in the shower and putting her pants on and taking it off. Read More


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