ISupportJamaica to help raise funds for epilepsy care

Sunday, January, 27 2019    

Living with epilepsy can be a challenge; however, it is manageable, said Gail Valentine, who has been living with the disease since age three. She explained that once persons take their medication as prescribed, the disease can be managed. Read More

Craze lines making you crazy?

by Dr Sharon Robinson | Sunday, January, 27 2019    

Craze lines are tiny cracks that appear on the enamel or outside covering of the teeth.If you notice these cracks, should you be concerned? Are they an indication that the tooth may crack completely? Read More

Cancer has a biological clock, and this drug may keep it from ticking

Sunday, January, 27 2019    

A new drug shows potential to halt cancer cells' growth by stunting the cells' biological clock. Read More

Impact of HIV prevention response inadequate — PANCAP evaluation

Sunday, January, 27 2019    

The PANCAP Priority Areas Coordinating Committee (PACC) — the technical group of the PANCAP executive board — commissioned an evaluation of the Caribbean Regional Strategic Framework on HIV and AIDS (CRSF) 2014-2018. The PACC is responsible for the coordination and overseeing... Read More

State of emergency declared in US measles outbreak

Sunday, January, 27 2019    

A state of emergency was declared on Friday in the western US state of Washington following a measles outbreak that has affected more than two dozen people, the majority of them children. Read More

Those with inadequate access to food likely to suffer from obesity

Sunday, January, 27 2019    

According to the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, over one-third of US adults are obese. At the same time, obesity is the second-leading cause of premature death in the North America and Europe. Read More

Pull your 'self' up

Selena DeLeon | Sunday, January, 20 2019    

STARTING a new year can begin with a lift, using the visual of elevation both figuratively, as it applies to life skills, and applying it to your physical training practice. Believe it or not, pulling your spine upwards can increase your height, change the shape of your entire body and... Read More

What are gumline cavities?

Sunday, January, 20 2019    

BEING diagnosed with a cavity can be stressful, but you're not alone. Read More

Campaign targets gay conversion therapy in China

Sunday, January, 20 2019    

SHANGHAI, China (AFP) — A Chinese artist and a gay policeman have launched an unusually bold public protest campaign in which bright-red trucks bearing slogans denouncing homosexual “conversion therapy” are being paraded through several major... Read More

How to train the body's own cells to combat antibiotic resistance

BY ZAHIDUL ALAM University of Pennsylvania | Sunday, January, 20 2019    

 Drug-resistant superbugs have threatened human health for decades. Read More

The keto diet: Is it all hype?

BY FITZ-GEORGE RATTRAY | Sunday, January, 20 2019    

  Read More

Driving under the influence of marijuana

Dr Derrick Aarons | Sunday, January, 20 2019    

GANJA has been used historically in our society for both recreation as well as religious purposes. Read More

Stress fracture?

Sunday, January, 20 2019    

IT starts as a persistent and irritating pain in the foot or lower leg, then it gets more intense, maybe with swelling, and soon a runner knows she's being sidelined by one of the most common running injuries: A stress fracture. Read More

Why are my feet so cold?

Angela Davis | Sunday, January, 13 2019    

WE live on a beautiful tropical island and unless you live in mountainous areas, temperatures rarely drop below 28 degrees.So why do some people have feet that feel like they are living in Northern Europe during the winter? Read More

Synthetic hormones in food

DR WENDY-GAYE THOMAS | Sunday, January, 13 2019    

FOR many people who don't have a background in biology, it is difficult to fathom this business of hormones and their function in the body. Read More


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