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Set goals instead...

Sunday, December, 29 2019    

ANOTHER year is ending and one more is about to begin. It happens every year no matter what we do, but we can certainly control the changes in our own lives. Read More

Diet soda may be hurting your diet

BY EUNICE ZHANG University of California, Los Angeles | Sunday, December, 29 2019    

ARTIFICIAL sweeteners are everywhere, but the jury is still out on whether these chemicals are harmless. Read More

20/20 vision

BY WARRICK LATTIBEAUDIERE | Sunday, December, 29 2019    

HAVING two eyes provides humans stereoscopic vision, the loss of which tremendously handicaps humans since sight, over and above all else, is probably the most important channel of communication to the mind. Read More

Happiness in giving

BY WARRICK LATTIBEAUDIERE | Sunday, December, 22 2019    

“There is more happiness in giving than there is in receiving” (Acts 20:35). Read More

Sorrel time again

BY WENDY-GAYE THOMAS, MD | Sunday, December, 22 2019    

FOR Jamaicans, the word sorrel conjures up the flavours, aromas and jollification of Christmas. But for people in other countries, sorrel is simply a great year-round addition to salads. Read More

'Vast majority' of vaping illnesses blamed on vitamin E

BY CARLA K JOHNSON AP Medical Writer | Sunday, December, 22 2019    

HEALTH officials now blame vitamin E acetate for the “vast majority” of cases in the US outbreak of vaping illnesses and they say doctors should monitor patients more closely after they go home from the hospital. Read More

Alcohol drinking with less risk

BY FITZ-GEORGE RATTRAY | Sunday, December, 22 2019    

ALCOHOL consumption is older than recorded history, but it has never been more prevalent, convenient or voluminous. Read More

Taking care of your teeth this festive season

by Dr Sharon Robinson | Sunday, December, 22 2019    

THE Christmas party season is in full swing and no doubt you'll want to be a part of it. Read More

Managing stress-related pain this Christmas

BY KIMBERLY HOFFMAN | Sunday, December, 15 2019    

CHRISTMAS is the time of cheer. For most people it is the most wonderful time of the year.While the time may be filled with joy and festivities, it can also be extremely stressful.Stress during Christmas can range from: Read More

A little wine for your heart

Sunday, December, 15 2019    

THE Apostle Paul, in writing to Timothy, recommended, under divine inspiration, that the lad stop drinking water and use a little wine for his stomach issues and frequent cases of illness (1Tim 5:23). Read More

Food safety tips for the holidays

BY DR WENDY-GAYE THOMAS | Sunday, December, 15 2019    

CHRISTMAS is in the air. Can't you just smell it? Freshly cut Christmas trees are on display in the plazas, with their wonderful aroma of pine. Read More

What's really exchanged when you kiss?

by Dr Sharon Robinson | Sunday, December, 8 2019    

IT might be weird to think about in the moment, but sharing a kiss can be beneficial to your mouth.This is because the act of kissing activates certain biological processes you might not be aware of. Read More

2019: The year gene therapy came of age

Sunday, December, 8 2019    

WASHINGTON DC, United States (AFP) — In the summer, a mother in Nashville with a seemingly incurable genetic disorder finally found an end to her suffering — by editing her genome. Read More

To moral health

BY WARRICK LATTIBEAUDIERE | Sunday, December, 8 2019    

 SOME go through many pains to remain physically clean. Read More


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