A quick guide to avoiding

Angela Davis | Sunday, August, 12 2018    

KNEE pain becomes a common problem as we get older and osteoarthritis is the main culprit. Read More

Hacking DNA information

Sunday, August, 5 2018    

WE are currently celebrating our Emancipation and Independence, yet we are now living in a 'global village' where everything is interconnected and from which we cannot be separated. Read More

Some hospital bacteria growing 'tolerant' to sanitisers — study

Sunday, August, 5 2018    

TAMPA, United States (AFP) — Some hospital superbugs are growing increasingly tolerant to alcohol-based disinfectants found in hand washes and sanitisers, allowing increasing infections to take hold, an Australian study warned Wednesday. Read More

'A step in the right direction,' doctors say

BY CHERRIES WILES Observer writer | Sunday, August, 5 2018    

FOR Dr Tahira Redwood, the opportunity to join MDLink — a 24/7 online medical service — was a welcome one as she believes the telemedicine company is a “step in the right direction to increase access to affordable, quality and timely health care in... Read More

Stop focusing on exercise for weight loss

BY FITZ-GEORGE RATTRAY | Sunday, August, 5 2018    

“I have been going to the gym and I'm still not losing weight” or “I had a little extra to eat so I went to the gym last night, but I still gained weight”. There are possibly hundreds of variations of these statements which I have heard, yet people continue to... Read More

Metabolism boosters

BY FITZ-GEORGE RATTRAY | Sunday, July, 29 2018    

 METABOLISM is commonly equated with simply burning energy. It is the collection of processes which sustain life in living organisms, be it catabolic (breaking down) or anabolic (building up). Read More

Young woman determined to raise awareness after glaucoma diagnosis

BY TRUDI-ANN CUNNINGHAM Observer writer | Sunday, July, 29 2018    

TONIAN McDonald never imagined that, at 22 years old, she would've been diagnosed with a life-changing disease. Read More

Wanna lose inches off your midsection?

With Michelle Vernon | Sunday, July, 29 2018    

IT'S officially summer! Here are four recommendations to lose inches off that midsection fast.Slim tea Read More

Jencare promises experience like no other with Skin Bar

BY CHERRIES WILES Observer writer | Sunday, July, 29 2018    

WITH one Skin Bar already opened at their Miramar, Florida, location, plans are now under way to launch another in Jamaica “really soon”, Jencare CEO Peta-Gaye Samuda-Palmer has disclosed. Read More

Dental erosion

by Dr Sharon Robinson | Sunday, July, 29 2018    

MODERN lifestyles present a number of challenges for your body, including your teeth. Dental erosion is the irreversible loss of tooth tissue due to exposure to acid. Read More

Brazil's fugitive 'Dr Bumbum' plastic surgeon arrested over patient death

Monday, July, 23 2018    

RIO DE JANEIRO, Brazil (AFP/AP) — A Brazilian celebrity butt-enhancement surgeon known as Dr Bumbum was arrested last Thursday over the death of a patient in a botched operation after spending four days on the run. Read More

Benefits of seeing the same doctor

DR DERRICK AARONS | Sunday, July, 22 2018    

WHEN you fall ill, who do you see for your health care? Do you seek the same doctor every time, or do you use a centre, office or health institution where there is a different doctor each time? Read More

HIV infection doubles risk of heart disease

Sunday, July, 22 2018    

PEOPLE infected with HIV are twice as likely to suffer from heart disease, research has found. Read More

Simpler, one-dose treatment to prevent malaria relapse OK'd

Sunday, July, 22 2018    

US regulators Friday approved a simpler, one-dose treatment to prevent relapses of malaria.Standard treatment now takes two weeks and studies show many patients don't finish taking every dose. Read More

Gene-editing damages DNA more than previously thought — study

Sunday, July, 22 2018    

PARIS, France (AFP) — A revolutionary gene- editing technique, hailed as the future of disease eradication and mooted for a Nobel prize, may be less precise and cause more cell damage than previously thought, researchers said last week Monday. Read More


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