Mission accomplished!

Sunday, December, 2 2018    

THE owner of a cross-training facility in Kingston last week completed a kayaking expedition around Jamaica, in order to raise awareness about reducing non-communicable diseases. Read More

Eating your way around menopausal symptoms

Sunday, December, 2 2018    

IF you are a conscious adult living on the planet earth there is a very strong likelihood that you or someone you know will be, or is, menopausal.Half of humanity will, at some point, experience menopause and, to some extent, it's associated features. Read More

The super drink ... Coconut water

BY DR WENDY-GAYE THOMAS | Sunday, December, 2 2018    

AMERICAN civil rights activist, actor and songwriter Harry Belafonte, having been born of Jamaican parents, has been singing about the virtues of coconut water since the 1950s. Read More

Study supports mammography screening at 30 for some women

Sunday, December, 2 2018    

A new, large-scale study of more than five million mammograms found that annual mammography screening beginning at age 30 may benefit women with at least one of three specific risk factors: Dense breasts, a personal history of breast cancer, or a family history of breast... Read More

PAHO launches campaign to prevent cervical cancer

Sunday, December, 2 2018    

THE Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) last week launched a communication campaign to prevent cervical cancer, which kills more than 34,000 women each year in the Americas and is among the leading causes of cancer death in women in 23 countries of the region. Read More

PHOTO: Safety first

Sunday, November, 25 2018    

With hundreds of motor vehicle crashes reported annually, inclusive of motorcycle crashes in Westmoreland, the parish has built a reputation for being a hotspot for trauma. Last Thursday's Taking Responsibility Road Tour visited the parish to discuss how to prevent these incidents and the... Read More

Pilates and the developing athlete

Selena DeLeon | Sunday, November, 25 2018    

O VER the last two decades, competitive sport has transformed in to a mania, with plentiful returns that range from endorsements, fame, scholastic placement preferences, scholarships, and the like. Read More

Does your gum bleed?

by Dr Sharon Robinson | Sunday, November, 25 2018    

NOTICING bleeding gums while brushing or flossing can cause alarm.Often, the cause of bleeding gums is as simple as brushing too hard, but in some instances, it can be a symptom of something more serious. Bleeding gums causes Read More

Jamaica Moves, ads on sugary drinks a start but...

Dr Winston Dawes | Sunday, November, 25 2018    

THE debate about sugary drinks continues unabated. The role of sugary drinks in the rapid increase in the incidence of diseases has been exaggerated. Read More

How to stop holiday eating

BY FITZ-GEORGE RATTRAY | Sunday, November, 25 2018    

 THE holiday season has begun, and many people are looking at plans for social eating, office parties, time with friends and, of course, time with family. Read More

Ganja allergy

Dr Derrick Aarons | Sunday, November, 25 2018    

WHEN patients come to doctors with acute (recent) or chronic (long-term) respiratory symptoms, in just the same way they should be asked whether there is any cigarette smoke within the house, they should likewise be asked whether there might be ganja (marijuana) smoke in the... Read More

Paris hospital halts stool study after donor deluge

Saturday, November, 24 2018    

PARIS, France (AFP) — A Paris hospital which made a public appeal for stool samples for a study on intestinal diseases said yesterday it had suspended the project after being inundated by donors hoping for an easy 50 euros. Read More

Raising awareness about lung cancer

BY DR SUNIL STEPHENSON | Sunday, November, 18 2018    

NOVEMBER is reserved each year as a time when we all try to raise awareness about lung diseases. This includes not only lung cancer, but other conditions such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Read More

Why am I regaining weight?

BY FITZ-GEORGE RATTRAY | Sunday, November, 18 2018    

  THREE of the most common questions I get are: “When can I eat normally again? Can I eat more now that I have lost weight? Why am I regaining weight?” Read More

Home DNA tests doom anonymity for sperm, egg donors

Sunday, November, 18 2018    

WASHINGTON, United States (AFP) — All Ryan Kramer had to do was swab his cheek and embark on nine days of genealogical research to identify his biological father, a man who thought he would remain anonymous when he donated his sperm and never took a DNA test... Read More


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