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ONLINE READERS COMMENT: Dr Trevor Munroe — from Saul to Paul

Monday, June 19, 2017

Dear editor, It appears that Dr Trevor Monroe is no longer blind and deaf. He has resumed seeing and hearing, however, it seems he has only one eye and one ear.

For, how could Dr Munroe now be vocal about integrity and corruption when he was (or still is) a member of the most corrupt institution in Jamaica -- the People's National Party (PNP)?

He was one of the founders of the Workers Party of Jamaica and wanted to foist communism on Jamaicans. I have never seen a country "vote" for this kind of governance. His ultimate goal was be the single authoritarian party that controls both the political and economic systems.

Dr Munroe was appointed an "Independent" senator by PJ Patterson, and by 2002 he was a fully-converted member of the PNP and was appointed a senator.

His attempt at representational politics failed when he was beaten by Dr St Aubyn Bartlett in the Eastern St Andrew constituency, which led to his subsequent claim to "no longer have an interest in representational politics”. To date, Dr Munroe has not confirmed if he has left the PNP, or is still a member.

At the height of the PNP corruption Dr Munroe was in the Senate, representing them and beating the desks, drowning out our cries of corruption.

So I would like to find out when did Dr Monroe have his “Damascus moment”? When did he change from Saul, the Persecutor, to Paul the Preacher of the Gospel?

How can we really take this man seriously when he now comes before us washing his hands clean, like Pontius Pilot?

Jack Browne