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The new Jamaica?

Wednesday, January 02, 2019

Dear Editor,

What would be your new year message for Jamaica?

My new year message would begin with this topic: The shape of a new Jamaica.

I am hoping to see a new Jamaica in the making in 2019. I am hoping to see love over hate, peace over war, and 'good mind' over 'bad mind'.

I am hoping to see men who think that they are “badda” than their creator — gunmen, criminals and woman beaters — humble their coward selves and put down their weapons for good.

I am hoping to see a massive downturn in the high murder rate and death rate — and also in domestic violence.

I am also hoping to see all those who are allowing fits of rage, lack of self-control, and temper ego to sift them like wheat to get a hold of themselves and do what is right and better.

I am sincerely hoping to see less road fatalities and better driving habits from impatient road hogs and barefaced rowdies.

I am hoping that all the hooligans who are using machetes and knives to butcher and slaughter innocent people and also their spouses will use those weapons to cut down trees and peel oranges.

I am hoping to see a music-hyped Jamaica being rescued and cleansed from lewd music and dirty lyrics.

I am hoping to see the continuation of the states of emergency in full swing until a great and marvellous crime plan is originated from... God knows when and where.

I am hoping that all those who have forgotten where they are coming from will try and remember — and will never forget again.

And my last hope of this hope scenario is that the level of “national fear and intimidation” will fall from that massive height to ground level.


Donald J McKoy