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Why no water, garbage collection for Angels?

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Dear Editor,

I would like the relevant authorities to explain to the residents of Angels Estate Phase 1, St Catherine, what the reasons are for our being without a consistent supply of water and garbage collection.

I would like to emphasise that what is being queried is the provision of basic human needs, not received for the better part of this year.

In June of this year I was pursued by a representative of the St Catherine Parish Council (municipal corporation) by phone, and she went to my home demanding to meet with me for outstanding property taxes.

A notice was left advising that if I did not pay over outstanding taxes I would have to attend the Petty Session Court three weeks after, or a warrant would be issued for my arrest.

Well, to avoid embarrassment this was quickly paid over. So, my question is, now that my taxes have been paid, why is it that there is no water in my pipes and my garbage is not being collected regularly?

I can testify to the fact that having your political representative living in your scheme is no guarantee that your basic needs are going to be given preferred treatment, as is the case.

Can you imagine that as a woman I am forced to reduce my bathing to once a day or whenever possible? This is absolutely unacceptable!

Come on, National Water Commission and National Works Agency, cut out this nonsense at once!

We deserve and demand better!


Frustrated resident

Angels Estate Phase 1

St Catherine