To Prof With Love

Sybil Waller Friday, last, hosted a celebratory dinner in honour of her son Professor Lloyd Waller's promotion to Professor of Digital Transformation Policy and Governance, The University of the West Indies (UWI), Mona Campus. Read More

Vows - Sealed in Love
What started off as a school romance, 14 years ago at Manchester High School, matured into a declaration of love on Saturday, June 29 when Kimrian Bailey, medical billing officer, University Hospital of the West Indies, wed Carlton Haynes, land surveyor and project manager, Ches...... Read More

Alexa, Say Kohler
On Thursday, August 8, directors of Kohler Jamaica invited clients, interior designers and industry stakeholders to 'rethink the ordinary' at the Constant Spring Road Kohler Jamaica Showroom, as they unveiled their newest suite. If the plan was to upset...... Read More

Pretty Princess Palette
…that's the name I dubbed this little project, because it was just the way I viewed this client. As a “princess” deserving of a “pretty” space, just like herself, with soft muted palettes, soft furnishings with luxurious textures and...... Read More

SO2 — August 18

Sunday, August, 18 2019    

Firstly Read More

Video: Haute-Living By Kohler

Sunday, August, 18 2019    

SO spotlights this week the Veil Collection, a contemporary bathroom suite that includes sinks, freestanding baths and one-piece elongated, dual-flush toilets in organic shapes to create a minimalist design.Veil freestanding tub Read More

My Kingston - Chris Dehring

Sunday, August, 18 2019    

What was your first reaction when you got the call about being conferred with Order of Distinction in the rank of Commander? Read More

Cocktails With — Olubanke Adenike Carol Aina, BA MA FCIArb

Sunday, August, 18 2019    

Home is… Long Mountain, Kingston, Jamaica.  Read More

Six Tips For A New Gardener

Sunday, August, 18 2019    

If you want a flower garden but don't have a clue where to start, SO Gardening is here to guide you. Even with a small plot of land, you can have a garden. A garden beautifies your property and brings tranquility to your life. Plus, it provides an outlet for creativity and energy. If you... Read More

Beauty Inside and Out

Saturday, August, 17 2019    

Ever suffered from dry, ashy skin? Perhaps had an itchy scalp linked to skin inflammations, or just wanted a moisturiser to rejuvenate the skin? Well, local beauty brands Ettenio and Nutrition Block — producers of the Jahzill, Hair & Skin Treasures, and the Jamaican Sorrel and... Read More

Social - New Wave

Saturday, August, 17 2019    

Scores of patrons turned up Monday evening at Janga's for the screening of three short films and two documentaries notably Mango War produced by Kyle Chin, One Patty by Gay Magnus, Going Down by Mezan Ayoka, Real Talk by Annia Freer, and Catch The Wave by Jordan Mars. Delighted by the strong... Read More

Kingston high on Sensi

Friday, August, 16 2019    

On Wednesday evening, Lloyd Tomlinson, a third-generation coffee farmer and principal of the highly regarded Blue Mahoe Estate, officially signalled his foray into medicinal cannabis. Under Marigold Projects Jamaica Limited for which he's managing director, Tomlinson opened the doors to... Read More

Hearty and Meaty Summer Salads

Thursday, August, 15 2019    

It feels like just yesterday we were wishing each other Happy New Year and now we are staring at the tail end of summer. Families are coming back from vacation; back-to-school prep has to be done; and the heat has reached incendiary levels. So, cooking a hot meal every day has been... Read More

Inside Marianna's Community Kitchen

Thursday, August, 15 2019    

Something feels instantly familiar when you first walk into Marianna's Kitchen. After being warmly greeted and taken through the day's offerings, you still search for clues as to why you feel as if you've been to this place before. Taking in the thoughtful design details, it finally hits... Read More

Are Raw Oysters Safe To Eat?

Marshalee Valentine | Thursday, August, 15 2019    

While attending the yearly Denbigh Agricultural and Industrial Show this year, I walked by the resident oyster bar with a line longer than the one server could handle. Of course, a few random thoughts crossed my mind: Where is this from? Was it treated? Was it cooked? Do people know what... Read More


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