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Don't get Deiwght Peters started; he'll never stop. Gushing about his models, that is. What SO wanted was that and more. He was game...  Read More

Saintly Power Play
It's worthy of note that Saint International models have dominated the runways. SO has tracked them from New York to London, to Milan and Paris. They've made us proud. Indeed, there's none prouder than the model agency's CEO Deiwght Peters. Fourteen of...... Read More

Cocktails With Ambassador Alison Stone Roofe
Ambassador Alison Stone Roofe is back on The Rock after being posted in Brasilia for almost six years as Jamaica's first ambassador to Brazil. A career diplomat, Ambassador Stone Roofe has also enjoyed careers in academia and the civil service and served as a member of the Caricom...... Read More

My Kingston Sergio González López
When and why did you relocate to Kingston?I moved from Spain to Montego Bay in 2013 and to Kingston at the end of August 2018 after I was appointed COO of the Heart Institute of Caribbean. What has been your most memorable experience so far?... Read More

SO Gardening Oct 14

Sunday, October, 14 2018    

Dear Orchid Doc:How much humidity do orchids need?Michelle Dear Michelle Read More


Sunday, October, 7 2018    

If you've not yet heard about the Skeleton Fresh Tour, here's the skinny... It's is a live musical showcase of fresh, local talents, and up-and-coming artistes who are Rock-born and raised and who wish to fulfil their dream of someday spreading reggae music across the world. The tour... Read More

SO Cocktails With— Dr Saran Stewart

Sunday, October, 7 2018    

Dr Saran Stewart is a senior lecturer of Comparative Higher Education in the School of Education at the University of The West Indies (UWI), Mona Campus. She also serves as deputy dean, Quality Assurance and Undergraduate Matters (Humanities), in the Faculty of Humanities and Education. Read More

My Kingston — Dr Enrique Okenve

Sunday, October, 7 2018    

Dr Enrique Okenve African Studies lecturer UWI, MonaWhat is your fondest childhood memory? Read More

Colour Her Happy!

Sunday, October, 7 2018    

“In the true definition of an iconic piece of art, The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill shifted culture by pushing 20th-century boundaries that forced the mainstream to reconsider both its limited notions of black womanhood and black music. It was... Read More

SO Gardening October 7

Sunday, October, 7 2018    

Dear Orchid Doc:I have a dendrobium plantlet in a wooden box. There is a baby plant growing out the bottom of the box. Can I cut it off? Is there any particular way to remove it? How should I go about potting it? Thank you! Orchid Lover  Read More

Design Week JA 2018 - The Bold Look of KOHLER

Sunday, September, 30 2018    

Design Week JA 2018 — a Jamaica Observer initiative presented by Kohler — kicked off in fine style Sunday last at Tile City & Home Centre on Constant Spring Road. Architects, interior design specialists, contractors, and other industry players paid close attention as... Read More


Sunday, September, 30 2018    

Design impacts every aspect of our lives. From the density of our mattresses to the curvature of our office chairs to the handle on our toothbrushes and even to the height of our dining tables, every aspect of a design is thoughtful. Even if we don't think about it. On Wednesday,... Read More

SO Dear Orchid Doc — Sept 30

Sunday, September, 30 2018    

Dear Orchid Doc:Do I cut the spike back when my orchid is finished blooming?Carla Dear Carla: Read More

SO Cocktails With — Tamara Thompson

Sunday, September, 16 2018    

Tamara Thompson is the general manager of World Brand Services and Consumer Brands Ltd at GraceKennedy. She easily endears with her charm, work ethic and strong business acumen. We catch up with her at the end of a very long and busy day where, in between sips of Ménage ŕ Trois Silk, we... Read More

Shenna Still On A Mission

Sunday, September, 16 2018    

It's hard to conceive of the thousands of tacking, pleating and cutting that Mission Catwalk alum Shenna Carby has performed in the seven years since her larger-than-life personality dominated our TV sets. “I was in it to win it!” she tells... Read More


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