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  • Overcoming mom guilt

    MOST working moms, whether they are new to motherhood or not, can relate to that hollow feeling of guilt that settles some place deep in the bed of our stomachs each time we drop off our little ones at day care.

  • Managing eczema

    MOST children will, at some point, experience itchy, scratchy rashes. While most of these are one-off cases of allergy or are triggered by an irritant, paediatrician Dr Anona Griffith said that the culprit might be...

  • Photo: PLAY DAY

    This youngster from Nadz Kidz Early Childhood Institution reaches for building blocks during Play Day at Deliverance Centre Basic School on May 1. The event was the first in a series organised by National Baking Company...

  • Bottle weaning

    WEANING a child off the bottle is an uphill task for many parents. The fact is, babies associate their bottles with not just food, but feeding time for many children is synonymous with comfort. As such, when parents...

  • The value of reading

    Sagicor Foundation volunteers engage children in animated reading sessions at 2018/19 Adopted Schools — Chantilly Gardens Early Childhood Institution, Clifton Basic School, and Tobolski Basic School – on...

  • Photo: Stepping razor Reandre!

    Reandre Williams makes a bold fashion statement in his bright orange blazer, light orange shirt, and dark brown pants and shoes. He completes the look with his cool, dark shades.

  • Photo: Battle of the bottle

    Kymani Powell is having a great time even though he does not have his bottle near. (Photo: Candiece Knight)

  • Boosting your child's self-esteem

    IN an increasingly competitive world, most parents cringe at the thought of having a child who lacks the basic confidence to navigate this space. Fortunately, we don't have to leave this up to chance. Clinical...

  • Younger school entry could set stage for ADHD diagnosis

    The youngest children in kindergarten are more likely to be diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) in early grades, a study shows, an intriguing finding for parents on the fence about when to...

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