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Value added!

The 4H Club Girl of the Year 2019 Imani Smith has used her creative background and experience in agriculture to establish a budding business venture in value-added plant-based products. Read More

Scores of college students to square off in NCU debate series
Students from 11 tertiary institutions are gearing up to square off in Northern Caribbean University's (NCU's) Invitational Debate Series scheduled for National Heroes' Day, October 21 on the university's Mandeville campus.... Read More

Seven careers for non-lawyers
Events of the past week involving the arrest of former Education Minister Ruel Reid and former president of Caribbean Maritime University Dr Fritz Pinnock, among others, have thrust the legal profession into the spotlight for more reason than one. But there's more to this field than just being...... Read More

Do online applications set up the jobseeker for failure?
Dear Career Advisor:... Read More

Uptick in grade four literacy, numeracy: MoE

Sunday, October, 13 2019    

MINISTER of Education, Youth and Information has reported marginal improvement in the results from the recent Primary Exit Profile (PEP) Performance Task test for grade four when compared to the predecessing Grade Four Literacy and Numeracy Test. Read More

Do you know your child's preferred learning style?

Dr Karla Hylton | Sunday, October, 13 2019    

If you are a parent of more than one child, you would already know that each child is a unique individual with distinguishing characteristics and personalities. Despite having both parents in common and sharing similar circumstances, each sibling behaves differently, interprets... Read More

Vocabulary builder

Sunday, October, 13 2019    

felicitateverb (used with object) [fi-lis-i-teyt]1) to compliment upon a happy event; congratulate.derivatives: fe·lic·i·tat·ed, fe·lic·i·tat·ing.2) Archaic. to make happy. adjective Read More

Agriculture and engineering

Sunday, October, 6 2019    

BRYAN Reid is both an engineer and a farmer. Read More

An October history lesson

Sunday, October, 6 2019    

October is here, and in the northern hemisphere, that often means the days are flush with falling leaves, chilling weather, and growing anticipation for the holiday season. Read More

Taking notes: Is it better to type or handwrite?

Sunday, October, 6 2019    

Taking notes well helps us to be successful learners. But does it make a difference if we type those notes on a computer keyboard or write them out by hand? Read More

Here comes the boom!

with Debra Fraser | Sunday, October, 6 2019    

All indications are that Jamaica is trending upwards economically — from being ranked 7th in the world on the most entrepreneurial country index in 2015; being awarded a second time by Bloomberg as the world's number one performing stock... Read More

Google, Mona School of Business to teach unattached youth data, technology skills

Sunday, October, 6 2019    

Technology giant Google has lent its might to empowering unattached Caribbean and Central American youth by providing them with digital and data skills through a programme called Caribbean School of Data. Read More

Yes, Deer!

Sunday, September, 29 2019    

CONCERNED about the country's high import bill for sheep and goat meat, Orlando Deer has made a commitment to make a valuable contribution to the small ruminant sector, with the hope of slashing the expense. Read More

Effective teaching practices for the primary-level teacher

Dr Karla Hylton | Sunday, September, 29 2019    

The teaching career is a challenging, unpredictable and mentally exhaustive profession. Nonetheless, it is thought of worldwide as one of the most rewarding careers. Teaching strategies vary with the age group of our students, and teachers must be prepared to handle... Read More

How do I choose a career mentor?

Carolyn Marie Smith | Sunday, September, 29 2019    

Dear Career Advisor: Read More


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