S Hotel Delights

Thursday, January, 10 2019    

The sister property of Kingston's Spanish Court Hotel hosted a private dinner recently to preview its menu and give guests a sneak peek. S Hotel is located on Montego Bay's hip strip and is beautifully designed. The property gleams from Jimmy Cliff Boulevard and is a welcomed addition to... Read More

10 Things Food Servers Must Consider

Marshalee Valentine | Thursday, January, 10 2019    

Food service providers often tend to ignore the activities that occur before, during and after serving customers. Handling and preparation of food are very important, but we need to ensure that precautions are taken when serving our food. This applies to both serving in large quantities... Read More

I Have All These Wines. Now What?

with Debbian Spence-Minott | Thursday, January, 10 2019    

This is a typical question many persons ask after receiving wines as gifts throughout the year and particularly during the Yuletide season. I can hear my automatic response — “Just drink them!” However, wine consumption for many Jamaicans is still not a lifestyle... Read More

Marcus Samuelsson Cooks For The Rockhouse Foundation

Thursday, January, 10 2019    

Marcus Samuelsson, the Ethiopian Swedish celebrity head chef of Red Rooster in Harlem, New York, was guest chef for the Skylark Negril Beach Resort dinner series at the resort's famed eatery, Miss Lily's. Read More

The Versatility of Rum

with Christopher Reckord | Thursday, January, 3 2019    

It was truly a journey of flavour when Hampden Estate hosted an “Evening of Rum” at the Terra Nova All-Suite Hotel recently, which included a lesson in the art of cocktail making, rum and food pairing with visiting bartender/mixologist Chelsea Barrett. It was certainly a... Read More

All Things Sparkling

with Debbian Spence-Minott | Thursday, January, 3 2019    

Happy New Year! What an exciting and appropriate time to talk/drink/write Champagne or as a matter a fact, just anything sparkling. When I hear the word sparkling, I immediately think of something shiny and new, and toasts to new beginnings. Many of you ushered in 2019 with this magical... Read More

Food Safety Areas Often Neglected

Thursday, January, 3 2019    

While having a recent conversation with a friend of mine who was down with the flu, she told me that she had tissue, hand sanitiser and a garbage bag by her bed and was thinking about the amount of germs on her sanitiser bottle. Her exact words: “Who sanitises a sanitiser bottle?... Read More

Too Legit to Quit!

Thursday, January, 3 2019    

Carb lovers, rejoice! There's a new bakery in the Devon House courtyard: DHB Too. This little sister to Devon House Bakery (DHB) specialises in international treats, and coming soon is an array of pot pies, lasagne and macaroni and cheese dishes. Opened for just under a month, the cosy... Read More


Thursday, January, 3 2019    

Thursday Food welcomes new contributor Debbian Spence Minott who will be sharing beverage news in addition to our regular At the Wine Rack columnist Christopher Reckord Read More

A good year

BY SHERDON COWAN Observer staff reporter | Wednesday, January, 2 2019    

While expressing gratitude for last year's successes, president of the Jamaica Football Federation (JFF) Michael Ricketts is strongly optimistic that the new year holds even greater possibilities. Read More

Video: New Year,new menu!

Thursday, December, 27 2018    

Very few ocassions are as rife with indecision, overpriced events and crowded rooms as New Year's. Just thinking about it makes some folk reach for valium. Life in Jamaica is tough enough, so figuring out where to dine on New Year's Eve shouldn't be. Here comes Fromage Bistro to the... Read More

Now Open: Starbucks Knutsford Boulevard

Thursday, December, 27 2018    

Whether we've been naughty or nice Santa has seen it fit to reward Kingston with another Starbucks. Located at 51 Knutsford Boulevard (at the corner of Barbados Avenue) the new space opened at 6:30 am on December 20 and by lunchtime, word had spread. Dozens of customers filed into the... Read More

Food Poisoning – Be Mindful Of What You Eat

Thursday, December, 27 2018    

Have you ever got sick from eating food, whether at home or at a restaurant? Of course, I have a story about this, too! But I won't bore you with the details; long story short, after consuming food at a hotel, I suffered from extreme bloating, headache, nausea and vomiting. This classic... Read More

Cheers to 2019

Thursday, December, 27 2018    

No surprise, really, that Champagne is for many the beverage of choice to usher in a new year. Thankfully, there are quite a few to choose from. What to pour it in might provoke discussion that could take you into 2020, but one thing has not changed: the only sparkling wine that can... Read More

Delightful Contemporary Dining at Chive

Thursday, December, 20 2018    

Sometimes a restaurant really surprises you. Walking into Orchid Village Plaza Thursday Food wasn't sure what to expect from the one-month-old Chive. Self-described as “contemporary dining and bar”, Chive is a remarkable restaurant that has... Read More


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