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VIDEO: Four injured in Waltham Park Road crash

Observer staff reporter

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

FOUR people were yesterday rushed to hospital after they were mowed down by a motor vehicle at a section of Waltham Park Road in St Andrew.

Up to press time yesterday, two of them were still unconscious at hospital.

An alleged eyewitness told the Jamaica Observer that one of the unconscious men was hit from his bike, while three others, who were seated on the thoroughfare, were hit, one of whom was dragged several metres before the Toyota Crown motor car crashed into a wholesale.

The other two victims were treated for minor injuries then released.

The man driving the motorcycle was identified by his family as Garfield Campbell, while the police have not released the names of the others.

Police told the Observer yesterday that the driver of the motor vehicle explained that he was heading towards Hagley Park Road at approximately 11:10 am, when the driver of the motorcycle allegedly “got in his way”, forcing him to swerve. However, his efforts were futile as the vehicle hit the motorcyclist before mowing down the others.

When the Observer arrived on the scene, blood stained the entrance to the wholesale where the disfigured vehicle had come to a halt. Onlookers gathered, offering their version of the event, while a man clad in a coverall swept the debris.

Alleged eyewitnesses told the Observer that the vehicle “pick up speed” as he headed towards the victims.

“Di man dem stand up deh suh a drink. Di driver deh pon him phone and pick up speed seh him think him a pick up brakes but a gas him a run. Him come straight down and lick out the whole a deh suh. Man a fly all bout and some a run. The rastaman land pon him head inna Mr Chin shop and di car deh pon him hand. Mi affi tek off di door off him hand. Di bicycle man knock out,” the eyewitness said, as he pointed to the area, which was badly damaged.

“Di man seh him nuh know nothing. Him come to mi and seh, 'Big man, mi nah lie, a gas mi did a press and think a brakes'. Him seh, 'Mi nuh know wah happen, mi nuh know',” the man continued, adding that he had a conversation with the driver.

He said that he escaped injuries.

Another alleged eyewitness told the Observer that the motorcyclist was “out in the road” and that the driver of the vehicle tried to avoid him, but it was impossible.

“Him out inna di road and di man swing fi nuh lick him, but still end up lick him and other people,” the man said.

Michelle Sands, the ex-spouse of Campbell, said that when she arrived at Kingston Public Hospital, she was informed that “three doctors were around him”.

The police said the driver of the vehicle has been “warned for prosecution pending investigation”.