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Discussions underway for construction of another hotel in Negril - Bartlett

Thursday, November 08, 2018

MONTEGO BAY, St James - Tourism Minister Edmund Bartlett is revealing that discussions are currently underway with an investor to construct a hotel in Negril.

He argued that the construction of the new resort augurs well for Russian visitors, who mostly gravitate towards that resort town.

“I am discussing now with an investor who wants to build a nice new hotel in Negril which is in line with what you (Russian tourists) like, because I am told that the favourite place in Jamaica for the Russians is Negril,” Bartlett disclosed.

“We love Negril and we are going to promote Negril with you and we are going to expand the capacity in Negril for you.”

He was speaking at a function to mark the arrival of a direct flight by Nordwind Airlines from Moscow, Russia, at the Sangster International Airport in Montego Bay, recently.

Bartlett argued that it was poetic justice that he was on hand to welcome the largest flight from Russia to Jamaica as some 10 years ago, as the then tourism minister, he was integral in starting the discussion to get a direct flight from the former Soviet Union.

The first direct flight from Russia, however, arrived while his Jamaica Labour Party was in Opposition.

“During my sabbatical, the first flight came. It is poetic justice that I should be on this my second reiteration, welcome the largest plane to arrive in the island from Russia,” he said.

The flight arrived with some 310 passengers. It is expected to arrive in Montego Bay firstly, every 10 days, then, grow to once weekly.

“I am advised that the ambition is not about one in 10 days, but we are soon to have one per week and then after that, the ambition is to have all-year round,” Bartlett said.

Senior advisor and strategist for Tourism, Delano Seiveright, noted that the new flight sets the stage for the destination to post another record-breaking year.

“The Russian tourism market has been growing at a steady pace. Pegas Touristik and Nordwind are to fly into the Sangster International Airport every 10 days up to May 2019, adding nearly 5,400 new tourists to our count, as we sprint steadily towards another record-breaking year for arrivals and stopovers,” said Seiveright.