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Devon House is Open for Business

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Thursday, July 02, 2020

Celebrated heritage site Devon House is slowly returning to normalcy. And with the Government relaxing curfew hours and encouraging a full return to business, the property's Executive Director Janette Taylor told Thursday Food , “We look forward to welcoming all Jamaica, and have put in place the requisite government protocols.”

Thursday Food made a lunch-time stop at the famous landmark to check out a few of our fave spots.


Devon House I Scream

It was a strict 'no mask, no entry' policy at the famed ice-cream shop. For customers who had the requisite gear, the hand-washing station at the entrance allowed for easy sanitisation. To bolster this measure, security guards were also equipped with hand sanitiser. Once you're on the inside, social distance markers remain in place and all staff were observed wearing masks.


Damascus Gate Mediterranean Café

Lunch hour seemed to be off to a slow start here. The staff on hand shared that takeout remained customers' preferred choice; but, after doing our rounds at different spots on the property we noticed a couple enjoying a pizza in the dining area. Richard and Christine Veira said they'd had every intention of grabbing a pizza to-go, but were happy to learn that they were allowed to dine.


Devon House Bakery

Devon House Bakery reopened on June 4 to the delight of their customers. While there, the Thursday Food team noticed that requests for curry goat patties were the order of the day as a staff member took orders from those queued-up outside the establishment. The line — a result of the bakery limiting the number of persons allowed to enter — was frequently monitored by staff and never allowed to get too lengthy. The point person at the entrance sprayed customers' hands with sanitiser before ushering them in. Bakery staff donned colourful masks as they facilitated a quick and seamless experience.


Island Coffees Café

We may have missed the early morning coffee drinkers or were a bit too early for those looking for an evening brew, but we observed that the coffee shop is open with sanitisation protocols in place, and ready to make the perfect pour.


The Commissary... open for business and busy selling a full-range of Simo's products, Ashebre Gourmet Condiments, pure chocolate, premium colds cut, hand-made aprons crafted by Simonitsch's mom, and so much more! Most items are locally made, and the Thursday Food team spotted several customers stopping in to grab items from the little kiosk.


Reggae Mill Restaurant & Bar - OPA Greek Restaurant

It's always a good sign when you see restaurant owners on hand, wearing masks, and enforcing safety protocols. If only other business operators understood the importance! This was the case when Thursday Food visited Reggae Mill Restaurant & Bar - OPA Greek Restaurant. Opa Greek Restaurant principal Alexx Antaeus said his establishment never closed. “I don't believe in closing. I believe in following Government protocols and protecting my staff and customers,” Antaeus told Thursday Food. The joint restaurant owner encourages customers to come by and added that Happy Hour at Devon House brought to you by Reggae Mill Bar is the place to be on Fridays between 4:00 pm and 8:00 pm.