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VIDEO: Butcher Block's Open Grill — Pick It & Grill It!

Butcher Block Gourmet Store

Thursday, November 14, 2019

On Sunday scores of Butcher Block devotees accepted master butcher Gregory Burrowes' invite to the establishment's first open grill event. Patrons selected their meat and had it grilled on spot to their exact specification. A daunting task, considering the overwhelming response, but expertly handled by Simon Levy, principal, Roast, and his assistant Davin Banton.

Seafood and sushi lovers were not left out as Fresh by Rainforest ensured succulent oysters, perfectly pink salmon and sushi rolled to order by Master Sushi Chef Eliseo “Oggie” Caliguia.

Select Brands kept patrons happy with their wine pours with ice-cold Stella Artois beers proving the perfect complement for the turf.

Candy Craze satisfied the sweet cravings while the melodious notes of guitarist Jason Worton left all in a decidely mellow Sunday mood.

Thursday Food can hardly wait for the next staging. Until then there's no better time, we reckon, than now to start packing those freezers.