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iCreate launches digital awareness course to train 5,000 Jamaicans

Sunday, August 01, 2021

iCreate has launched its 'Digital Awareness' programme. The programme is designed to equip individuals and businesses in Jamaica with the digital mindset and tools needed to develop and succeed in today's digital economy. iCreate will on board approximately 25 companies and organisations that will invite their customers and stakeholders to participate in the programme.

“The economy we are living in today requires digital awareness in every field. We can no longer operate without basic digital skills,” said Shanan Smart, general manager at iCreate. “In order to grow and be successful it is imperative that we harness these skills and use them to our advantage”.

The Digital Awareness programme will include training in digital marketing, social media customer service, e-commerce, data and cybersecurity and more.

This programme will provide awareness in critical digital and tech areas, toolkits and ebooks and certification from iCreate Institute.

“We believe we must look towards upskilling opportunities for individuals and businesses to thrive during these unprecedented times. This course has been developed by the iCreate Institute and will see individuals receiving support, resources and certification directly from the institute. At a per person cost of US$149 and with 5,000 individuals enrolled for free, we are looking at contributing to the digital awareness in Jamaica at a value of US$749,000,” said Dominic Summers, president at iCreate Institute.

The Tourism Enhancement Fund and the Jamaica Business Development Corporation (JBDC) have already joined as participants in the programme.

“We are now witnessing an Industrial Revolution. Automation, artificial intelligence, robotics and blockchain (just to name a few) are changing the nature of work in every single industry. The creativity of our people is required more than ever to harness these technologies to the betterment of not only our businesses but our lifestyles as a whole. This requires a mindset shift towards continual development and lifelong learning. As technologies and the nature of work continue to undergo rapid iteration, so must we as a people. Employers, education providers and Government need to work much more closely together to put people at the heart of our efforts to meet and overcome the challenges we see around us. We see this effort as a step in that direction,” Summers added.

“The Tourism Linkages Network's (TLN) mandate is to connect our local suppliers of goods and services to the tourism industry. Now more than ever, it is important that micro, small and medium tourism enterprises (MSMTEs) are trained to expand their digital reach which will also increase business opportunities and revenues. The TLN welcomes this opportunity to enhance the digital knowledge and capacity of MSMTEs and we look forward to a successful roll-out,” said Carolyn McDonald Riley, director, Tourism Linkages Network — a division of the Tourism Enhancement Fund.

“The JBDC is pleased to partner with iCreate in its Digital Awareness programme. As the government agency mandated to guide the sustainable development of entrepreneurs within the MSME sector, digital transformation for entrepreneurs was the first issue we tackled in 2020 following the onset of the pandemic. This is a process which is essential to survival and growth in what is widely regarded as the new normal. iCreate's founder and CEO Tyrone Wilson did not hesitate to partner with us in that virtual training session on digital transformation and we are therefore pleased to do it once again. Heartiest congratulations on this initiative, as we look forward to a mutually beneficial and successful partnership,” said Harold Davis, deputy CEO, JBDC.

The programme is expected to begin in September 2021 and iCreate welcomes interested organisations who would like to get onboard to e-mail

iCreate is a creative training institute developed with the aim of filling the gap in skills training and development of digital creatives.