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Chikie prays for JA's women

Tuesday, September 17, 2019

ON-THE-RISE singjay Chikie Grainz is concerned about the high incidences of violence towards females in Jamaica.

“It makes me sad and defensive against others, especially men. It's very cruel to hurt a female, especially a little girl. When I see photos of dead female pictures, it makes me worry about the kids' future and I'm only 23, so just imagine that daily pressure regarding my own personal level of safety in Jamaica because of the constant headlines in the media and the photos on social media?” Chikie Grainz told Jamaica Observer.

“Our society needs to find a way for people to resolve and mediate their problems without resorting to violence. We can only hope we can teach our kids, our young males, that there is a better way because this older generation is lost. The other day, a 70-plus-year-old man was accused of killing his 70-plus-year-old wife over a simple argument. It shows that people need strategies to live and exist with each other,” she continued.

In 2018, statistics provided by the Jamaica Constabulary Force revealed that there were 129 cases of murder, 240 cases of shooting, 496 cases of rape, 100 cases of aggravated assault, and 1,297 other cases of assault committed against women.

Chikie Grainz (given name Chikie Brown) is gaining prominence with her spiritually-charged Prayer a Day, which is on the Badbadcitizenz and Bragga Phelps Records labels. It was released five days ago.

“This song came from my own personal meditation. It is a simple formula to deal with the everyday stresses and anxieties that we deal with as human beings. We have to seek spiritual guidance, hence a prayer a day,” she said.

Born in Trinityville, St Thomas, she has been singing from age 5, and she is a seasoned stage performer having been involved in numerous live plays in her community. Chikie Grainz has the ability to perform a variety of styles and genres, ranging from pop-reggae, jazz ballads, dancehall and even R & B.

“Right now, I am just trusting the process,” she said.

Her other songs include Buck a Go Go and Fall In Love ft J Deva.