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WATCH: 'Fed up' police out in numbers in demand for overtime back pay

Observer Online writer

Thursday, November 25, 2021

KINGSTON, Jamaica – Police are congregated around the Supreme Court in downtown Kingston on Thursday as they await a verdict in the Jamaica Police Federation's overtime back pay case against the government.

Dressed mainly in red and black, the more than 300-strong police personnel, displaying scant regard for COVID-19 protocols, rallied in front of the courthouse to express that they will not back down from their demands.

“We fed up! We want money!” they shouted in unison.

A sprinkling of officers carried placards with a variety of messages and they were continually supplied with water to ease the exhaustion from the pelting morning heat.

The federation, which represents rank and file members of the Jamaica Constabulary Force, took the government to court in the battle for overtime back pay in which negotiations started as far back as 2008. At the time, the court had decided that police who work beyond the lawful hours must be paid for the extra time.

In the latest offer to the government on Wednesday in an open letter, the federation said members will forego overtime from 2008 to 2015. The federation also wants a lump-sum payment and the rest paid within two years.

The government, in the meantime, is offering to pay overtime back pay from 2019 over six years.