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Lightning strike leaves dad and son homeless and hurting

Observer writer

Monday, September 16, 2019

MOUNT OAKLEY, Portland — A man and his son are now homeless after fire, sparked by a lightning strike, destroyed their two-bedroom house in this district last Tuesday morning.

Everton “Bumpy” Brown told the Jamaica Observer North & East that he had dropped his six-year-old son Dominique off at school — Nonsuch Primary — when he got a call from a friend that his house was on fire.

Brown said he got a ride from a friend who was driving by but when he got to the house it was too late to save anything.

“It burn down flat; everything burn up. I feel so sad that I lost everything. That house is here from my grandmother days and all I did was to add on. It is about some 70-odd/80 years old,” Brown said. “I lost two TVs, my laptop, some Alcor windows, three beds, dressers, $24,000, clothes for me and mi boy.”

When the Observer arrived at the scene smoke was still coming from the rubble among 10 stilts that supported the wooden structure that many residents in the district described as “maybe the oldest house in the community”.

One man who said he witnessed the incident, told the Observer that he was driving by in the rain and had stopped to get help to wind his car window up because his left arm is broken.

“The lightning started, and the one that did the damage was smaller than mi cigarette. Den mi hear 'Bumpy house on fire.' When I look roun' I see the flame and some people run with water, but when dem throw it, the fire get higher and in a jiffy the house bun dung,” the man said.

“If the fire truck was even here, by time them tek out the hose it wouldn't save. When the lightning clap, mi hear whoosh! and one man who was here sheltering under di bunka at the shop run lef it,” he said.

Another resident, who did not give his name, said he was at his house on a hill when he saw the lightning. “I jump and then I hear a noise, whoosh! and then something like a siren and when I look out I see the fire and people a try out it. That was some minutes to 10:00,” he said.

Meanwhile, Brown is appealing for assistance. “I will appreciate if I can get some help 'cause a lose everything.”

He can be contacted at 876-589-912 or via his brother 876-372-8341.