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SO Gardening– Sept 15

Sunday, September 15, 2019

Dear Orchid Doc:

The leaves of my phalaenopsis look very much like someone took a nail and made small dents all over them, and they are starting to get crooked. Any blooms that appear are also very crooked. Can you diagnose the problem, please?




Dear David

It sounds as if you have had that mite problem for some time now, and it has turned the plant crooked.

There is an insecticide called Cure that will surely cure the problem. You will need to spray once per week for 4 to 6 weeks.

After this you can spray it every two weeks.

Do follow the precautionary measures written on the bottle.

Dear Orchid Doc:

My dendrobiums refuse to bloom. I have had them for a long time and just cannot understand why they are not blooming. I fertilise and spray them regularly...but just cannot get any blooms.




Dear Kerry-Ann:

I cannot tell you the reason, as I am not sure, but I know for sure the dendrobiums will not bloom if they are sprayed with Champion or Kocide.

One common active ingredient is copper, and apart from burning in the sun, the dendrobiums do not bloom once they have been sprayed with either of these two chemicals.


Dear Orchid Doc:

With the ongoing water shortage, is it safe to water the orchids with the water from the washing machine?



Dear Carol:

It would depend a lot on the type of chemicals used in the water. In general, plants are not fussy when it comes to water, but I would bear in mind the amount of chemicals that were put in the water… say bleach, for example.