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Bammy: From Farm To Table

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Thursday, May 13, 2021

Rainforest Caribbean invests in vertically integrated bammy production

Whether steamed or fried, there is no doubt that bammy makes the perfect pairing with fish. It's one of those combinations that Jamaicans know and love — a crispy delicious fried fish coupled with the earthy richness of bammy. Simple, uncomplicated food that packs a punch in flavour.

Now this uniquely Jamaican side dish is getting a starring role as Rainforest Caribbean steps up its investment in its production. Known as the regional seafood authority, Rainforest has been consistently diversifying its product offerings in recent years including bammy, which undoubtedly serves as a perfect complement to the company's extensive seafood range.


The journey to produce bammy starts at Rainforest Farms, an 80-acre farm nestled in the hills of Trelawny. It is here that the company grows a number of crops, including cassava. Rainforest grows sweet cassava, which as the name suggests, produces a sweeter end-product in comparison to bitter cassava. In 9 months, the hardy crop is ready to be reaped.

In addition to Rainforest Farms, the company also purchases cassava from small farmers across the island.

Cassava processing facility

The next stop in cassava's journey is the 12,000-square foot state-of-the-art processing plant recently constructed at Rainforest's Kingston facilities on Slipe Road. The cassava is peeled, ground and baked, transforming it into the iconic Jamaican bammy. Rainforest has made a major investment in the development of this plant, including top-of-the-line grinders and hydraulic presses, as well as 20 team members who make it all happen.

Bammy's new look

Recently, Rainforest introduced bammy in resealable bags, ensuring convenience and maximum freshness for consumers. This new packaging is available in retailers islandwide.

Roger Lyn, director of marketing at Rainforest Caribbean, expressed his excitement at the potential that this vertically integrated operation now offers. “We are currently working on introducing the product in diaspora markets so that the familiar pairing of fish and bammy will be available to Jamaicans across the globe,” he said.