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Happy World Cocktail Day

Let's Lift Your Spirits

Raihn Sibblies

Thursday, May 13, 2021

Drinking holidays are awesome! It gives us a good reason to tipple, shake, blend and stir things up a little! World Cocktail Day is the mother of them all. May 13, 1806 marks the date when the word 'cocktail' first appeared. Since then, bartenders and their cocktails continue to make history, defining the stories of thirsty people. The original cocktails were based on the idea that various fiery spirits could be tempered into something greater. I'd like to consider myself a part of this “collective of thirsty revivalists” who think outside of the glass; those who inspire and bring honour to the craft. Ever the student, I am always learning and discovering.

Last week marked the soft reopening of Broken Plate, now located at 24-28 Barbican Road at the Progressive Shopping Centre, and I absolutely had to go and see the newly minted rooftop location and have a cocktail or two. I continue to be inspired by co-principals — Kwasi Henry and Chef Damion “Stewie” Stewart — as they actually started working on this, pre-COVID, and took the bold leap to reopen during COVID! I was pleasantly greeted at the front door by a member of the team. Once inside, it was no surprise that, as always, Chef Stewie was in the kitchen and Kwasi was working the floor with the fast-moving and knowledgeable team quickly busying themselves with greeting and seating customers, with warm and inviting smiles.

After a brief catch up I settled myself #outside in the rooftop space where there was a lovely and constant breeze. Let the summer season begin! One of the things I love about this restaurant is its paperless menu #savethetrees. You have the option of visiting the website ( or scanning the QR code to view the food and drink menus. I quickly navigated my way to the cocktail menu — what an exciting and inviting list of drinks! The cocktail list has 11 signature cocktails and I tried five of them! I wanted to try everything! Kwasi and Chef Stewie are keen on allowing their lead bartender/mixologist Alanzo Roye the creative freedom to interpret, enhance and amplify the collective vision and up the cocktail game …#missionaccomplished. Each cocktail has its own story and inspiration behind it. It's impossible to have only one!

If you get a chance this week, definitely pop into Broken Plate and discover the uniquely created mixes that are summer-ready!

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