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JetPeel Facials

Tuesday, March 02, 2021

If like us you're a sucker for facials and will try pretty much anything promising radiant skin, then the JetPeel facial at Future Aesthetics may be your next adventure. The facial promises plump, hydrated skin.

Sure, peels often get a bad rap. While they've been proven to reduce serious signs of dark spots and uneven texture, many women have vowed to stay away from them ever since that Sex and the City episode when Samantha's chemical peel went horribly wrong.

Not all peels are the same, and with advanced technology there's now a variety. Tuesday Style Dryer's (TSD's) advice? Choose your peel wisely.

“Almost everyone can benefit from a peel,” says aesthetic and laser physician Mariesha Terrelonge Lee.

But it all depends on the individual's needs. If you suffer from acne scarring, fine lines or hyperpigmentation, then the JetPeel may be ideal for you. Described as a power-wash for your face, the non-invasive treatment delivers needle-free, transdermal infusion with immediate results. Want to know more? TSD goes toe-to-toe with Dr Terrelonge Lee.

How does the JetPeel treatment work?

We know it sounds intense, but a JetPeel facial isn't as harsh as the title suggests. It is actually super-gentle compared to a chemical peel. The air pressure of a jetPeel treatment carries the serum about 4 millimetres deep into the skin where it then works its way up. The result? The most hydrated skin you've seen that's sure to have all your friends jealous.

Describe a client who would most benefit from a JetPeel?

Anyone can benefit from the JetPeel. The JetPeel offers treatment for a lot of skin concerns like:

— Acne and acne scarring

— Hyperpigmentation (dark spots) and uneven skin tone

— Fine lines and wrinkles that contribute to ageing skin

And while those are the most common uses of the JetPeel, it can also assist with:

— Hair thinning/hair loss — the JetPeel can stimulate hair regrowth

— Excessive sweating to the underarms, groin, hands and feet

How long does the procedure take?

Each JetPeel session can run from 30 to 45 mins. It's short and easy, especially for the person who's always on the go.

How long is recovery?

The JetPeel provides a short and pleasant experience with no downtime or recovery period.

How soon can I see results, and how long do they last?

Results are seen immediately following a single JetPeel treatment. The skin will have a healthy glow and be hydrated. The effect of a single JetPeel can last one month. With continuous treatments that we recommend, starting as a series, once weekly for four to six weeks will produce longer-lasting results.

Some of the customisable peels available at Future Aesthetics are:

Signature Express JetPeel

A rapid infusion of ingredients to radiantly hydrate, brighten, soothe and stimulate the skin using the three JetPeel signature steps for the person who is always on the go!

Acne JetPeel

The Bye-Bye Blemish JetPeel uses specially formulated anti-bacterial peptides which clear the skin, control acne, calm the skin and re-establish the physiological balance in acne-prone skin

AgeLess JetPeel (<35 year old)

The treatment of choice for those who desire a more radiant, hydrated, firmer-looking appearance with a combination of JetPeel's key anti-ageing ingredients to fight fine lines and wrinkles. An ideal treatment for youthful skin.

AgeLess JetPeel (>35 year old)

This is an anti-ageing treatment for more mature skin. It firms, hydrates, plumps and relaxes deep wrinkles to rejuvenate the overall look and feel of the skin.

Good to Glow JetPeel

Perfect treatment that softens hyperpigmentation to achieve a uniform bright complexion and revitalises the skin delivering a brighter more luminous complexion.

Dewy Hydration JetPeel

Four types of hyaluronic acids and biopeptides are used to provide an ideal level of moisture using deep hydration, hence transforming the skin to appreciate a luminous glow.

So, the JetPeel is a great option for anyone even if it is just for overall skin rejuvenation. The JetPeel allows Dr Terrelonge Lee to further provide a truly customisable treatment programme for all skin types and concerns. Schedule your consultation to discuss this revolutionary treatment.